What is a CAPI system?

What is a CAPI system?

Computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI) is an interviewing technique in which the respondent or interviewer uses an electronic device to answer the questions. It is similar to computer-assisted telephone interviewing, except that the interview takes place in person instead of over the telephone.

What does CAPI stand for in research?

The acronym CAPI stands for “computer-assisted personal interview.” This is a standardized, personal interview during which the interviewer documents the answers from the interviewees on a computer screen.

What is CAPI and Papi?

Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI or just “electronic”) and Paper and Pencil Interviewing (PAPI or just “paper-based”) are two different methods of conducting surveys and collecting data more generally. PAPI is the traditional method in which an enumerator fills in a paper form or questionnaire.

What is CATI in data collection?

CATI stands for Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing. CATI is a common research mode in which interviewers conduct surveys via telephone calls using a computer-assisted method, such as a software system loaded onto a computer or mobile device.

Is a computer Internet assisted system?

Computer-assisted web interviewing (CAWI) is an Internet surveying technique in which the interviewee follows a script provided in a website. The questionnaires are made in a program for creating web interviews.

Is CAPI software free?

CAPI Software main features. The free offline survey application by IdSurvey is compatible with any Android and iOS mobile devices. So, the interviewer can quickly collect face to face interviews with a smartphone or a tablet thanks to the offline data collection CAPI software.

What is computer administered survey?

Computerized self-administered questionnaires (CSAQ) are a method of collecting survey data that takes advantage of computer technology to create an instrument (the questionnaire) that allows respondents to complete the survey with little or no other human assistance.

What is CAWI in data collection?

A Web survey (CAWI – Computer Assisted Web Interview) is part of a methodology based on a questionnaire provided to the respondent with a link, in a panel, or a website. It’s considered the most economical way to collect survey data, because you don’t need interviewers, devices or extra tools.

What is Papi method?

The Pen-and-Paper Personal Interview (PAPI) method describes any survey where the initial dataset is collected using pen-and-paper rather than electronic devices.

How is CATI conducted?

The interviewer makes a call to the respondent and conducts the whole research over the telephone by using a script that is displayed on a computer instead of using the traditional paper printed survey. CATI simplifies the data collection by allowing agents to make notes about the respondent’s answers in the computer.