What is a Datix in NHS?

What is a Datix in NHS?

Datix is the Trust’s electronic incident reporting system. Local training on Datix as part of your local induction to where you work.

What is the meaning of Datix?

Datix Limited was a patient safety organization that produces web-based incident reporting and risk management software for healthcare and social care organizations with headquarters in London, England and offices in Chicago, USA and Toronto, Canada.

How do I access Datix?

The Datix incident reporting system can be accessed by clicking on this icon displayed “in the spotlight” on the front page of Trustnet. Select from the drop down list the Borough/Speciality Service.

What are the benefits of Datix?

Easily accessible and simple to use, one of the biggest benefits is the accuracy of the data held in the Datix system to create meaningful change, share learning, and promote best-practice. New processes and procedures can ultimately be fed back into changes in policy to promote patient safety.

When should I submit Datix?

An event that causes a loss, injury or a near miss to a patient, staff or others. Example incidents that should be reported: Clinical Issues – Medication, poor transfers of care, infection issues, medical device failure, delays in treatment, unexpected outcomes, pressure sores.

What is a near miss in NHS?

No harm (Impact prevented) – Any patient safety incident that had the potential to cause harm but was prevented, resulting in no harm to people receiving NHS-funded care. This may be locally termed a ‘near miss’.

Can you edit Datix?

Depending on your access to Datix ensure you are on the Incidents screen as per diagram. You can also edit the report or delete the report or make it accessible to others.

What should be reported on Datix?

You should report any incident which has the potential to produce unexpected or unwanted effects; or any adverse or positive incident which has a consequence or learning point i.e. an event that causes a loss, injury or a near miss to a patient, staff or others.

How long do staff have to report a Datix?

The analysing of incidents enables us to learn from events, the developing and improving services, and identify training needs. It is important that you report the incident at your earliest opportunity, ideally within 24 hours, whilst the event is fresh in your mind.

When should I take Datix?