What is a pupil gauge on a penlight?

What is a pupil gauge on a penlight?

LED Penlight is a helpful tool for assessing a patient’s pupil response. Suitable for paramedics, nurses and other medical professionals, it features a sealed concentric beam. This penlight is also useful for examining the ears and throat for signs of inflammation or other symptoms.

What is a penlight used for in nursing?

If you’re a nurse, doctor or other medical professional, here’s what you’ll use your penlight for: Assessing pupil response: The main purpose of a penlight is to assess pupil response, or how fast the pupils constrict when suddenly exposed to a bright light.

How many lumens do you need to check your pupils?

5-7 lumens is ideal for assessing pupils with a second mode of about 30-50 for general-purpose back-up use. If you want to use a single light make sure it has a third mode of at least 60-65+ or that your primary light is capable of the same.

How bright should a medical pen light be?

Its LED light mode is 4 lumens, which is strong enough to allow medical professionals to safely examine patients without being too bright. Both penlights are black and come with a pupil gauge, as well as a 5 cm ruler. The length of each pen is about 5.3 inches.

What does a pupil gauge do?

A pupil gauge should be used to compare the size of the patient’s pupils to a quantitated size of a black circle. In this case, the pupils measure approximately 3.5 mm in diameter. A Finoff transilluminator is then used to determine the reaction of the patient’s pupils to light.

What is a pupil gauge used for?

How does a pupil gauge work?

The light is switched between the two eyes to determine if there is any difference in reaction of the pupils to light between the two eyes. The near response is then checked. The patient is asked to look at a fixation target as it is brought closer to induce accommodation.

Do nurses use pen lights?

Tribe RN Nursing Penlight The other penlight utilizes a bright white light for ear, throat, and nose assessments. It allows medical professionals to switch devices for various observations quickly. Tribe RN Nursing Penlight features a high-quality solid aluminum alloy construction.