What is a trug basket used for?

What is a trug basket used for?

Trugs are a must-have garden accessory, combining practical utility and ornamental value. They can used for collecting cut flowers and plant cuttings, as well as for harvesting your homegrown fruit, veg and culinary herbs. Plus, they can be used to create indoor displays and they make wonderful gardening gifts.

What is a basket called to gather produce from a garden?

What is a Garden Hod? A garden hod is just another name for a garden bucket or basket.

What is a willow trug?

Weave a willow garden trug in this willow basket making course with Amanda. A trug is the perfect basket for collecting flowers or produce from the garden. This useful basket has an oval or round base – the shape is up to you – with low sides and a handle.

How old is the TRUG?

It is said by some that the Sussex Trug was invented by Thomas Smith from Herstmonceux in East Sussex in the early eighteen hundreds. However, records show trugmakers in the sixteenth century working in Slaugham in West Sussex, also in Hellingly and Newhaven in East Sussex.

What are Sussex Trugs used for?

Sussex trugs are very light weight and long lasting, some are still in use after 100 years. Wonderful for cut flowers or your garden produce; lovely for indoor use and for special gift baskets as well.

What should I put in a garden basket?

Other ideas for garden gift baskets include hand soap, garden scented candles, sunscreen, a sun hat, bandana or scarf, garden clogs or boots, and an aromatic hand lotion. If your garden friend likes to care for the birds and insects along with their plants, tuck in a bee house or a bird feeder.

What is a garden hod?

According to Wikipedia, a hod is a long-handled box for carrying bricks, mortar, coal, or clams. Pike’s Original Maine Garden Hod from Maine Garden Products is an adaptation of that concept, specifically designed to wash and carry harvested fruit and vegetables from the garden.

Why is it called a trug?

The word ‘trug’ derives from the Anglo Saxon word ‘trog’, which means boat-shaped – and it’s very likely that the original trugs were coracle-shaped, a round boat used to navigate waterways.

Where did the name TRUG come from?

Firstly, the word trug is derived from the anglo saxon ‘trog’ meaning boat shaped vessel. It also has origins in Old Norse and Old German. In modern german it is a verb form of ‘carry’. We can see the roots in our modern words of truck and trough which are both movable containers.