What is another name of open access?

What is another name of open access?

The most commonly recognised names are “green”, “gold”, and “hybrid” open access; however, a number of other models and alternative terms are also used.

Do open access journals have impact factors?

As with all journals, some open access journals have an Impact Factor and others don’t. It may cover an Arts & Humanities subject, which isn’t listed in either the Social Sciences Citation Index or the Sciences Citation Index (the databases which Impact Factors are based on).

Should you publish open access?

Open Access (OA) publications reduce permission requirements and eliminate price barriers for readers. OA allows access for researchers, teachers, journalists, policy makers and the general public without a subscription. Many studies demonstrate that OA literature receives more citations than subscription publications.

What is the highest journal impact factor?

The top 5% of journals have impact factors approximately equal to or greater than 6 (610 journals or 4.9% of the journals tracked by JCR)….Answered By: Laurissa Gann. Sep 25, Impact FactorNumber of JournalsRanking (Top % of Journals)10+2391.9%9+2902.4%8+3562.9%7+4473.6%7