What is Arriraw?

What is Arriraw?

ARRIRAW is ARRI’s format for uncompressed, unencrypted and uncompromised sensor data. It can be considered a digital version of the camera negative. ARRIRAW is the only format that retains the camera’s natural color response and great exposure latitude as uncompressed and unprocessed sensor data.

Is Arriraw a 12 bit?

The Arri’s ProRes and ArriRaw have the exact same bit depth of 12 bits (in case you’re curious, RED cameras are 16-bit with their . R3D files).

Does Alexa have rolling shutter?

Rolling Shutter of the ARRI ALEXA Classic The ALEXA Classic boasts a Super 35 image sensor, and allows to shoot 2048×1152 (16:9) in ProRes 4444 (ARRIRAW was not available on this camera). The rolling shutter shows a really good value of 7.2 ms.

Is Arriraw a log?

ari. The sensor readout of our ALEV III is a raw Bayer frame provided as uncompressed, 12 bit log ARRIRAW data. To turn ARRIRAW data into RGB images, the files need to be processed (de-bayering and color processing).

Is ARRI RAW 16 bit?

Unencrypted, Uncompressed ARRIRAW For the absolute best in image quality, for the greatest flexibility in post, and for safest archiving, the 16-bit (linear) raw data stream from the sensor can be recorded as 12-bit (log) ARRIRAW files.

What is the bit depth of Arri Alexa?

To take the ARRI Alexa as an easy example. ARRI-RAW is 12-bit bayer, the Alexa has great realtime debayering built in and it’s ProRes XQ also records 12-bit color but in 4444 RGB.

Is the Alexa global shutter?

A global shutter sensor would be a CCD sensor, however most of the digital cameras being used today — like the ARRI ALEXA — employ a CMOS sensor that utilizes global shutter to capture an entire frame all at once.

Does the Arri Alexa have a global shutter?

This is called a rolling shutter. While every row of photosites is exposed for the same amount of time, they’re not all exposed at once….More videos on YouTube.

Popular Rolling Shutters Popular Global Shutters
Canon C200 VRI Phantom VEO4K
ARRI Alexa Mini Blackmagic 4K Production Camera

What is the Arri Alexa camera?

The camera was Arri’s first major transition into digital cinematography after smaller previous efforts such as the Arriflex D-20 and D-21. Alexa cameras are designed for use in high budget feature films, television shows, and commercials. Alexa uses the ALEV series of image sensors manufactured by ON Semiconductor.

What is ArriRaw and how is it used?

ArriRaw is a raw codec similar to CinemaDNG that contains unaltered Bayer sensor information, the data stream from the camera can be recorded via T-link with certified recorders like those from Codex Digital or Cineflow.

Does Arri have a studio set for Alexa Mini?

Therefore, ARRI has developed a studio set for ALEXA Mini. It’s core is the ARRI Compact Bridge Plate CBP-1, a base plate with integrated sliding bridge plate and shoulder pad. This allows for rapid, tool-less transitions between configurations – for example from TRINITY, MAXIMA, or Steadicam stabilizers to tripod heads or an operator’s shoulder.

What is the sensitivity of the Arri Alexa Super-35mm?

The ARRI ALEXA’s CMOS Super-35mm sensor is rated at 2.8K and ISO 800. That sensitivity allows the camera to see a full seven stops of over exposure and another seven stops of underexposure.