What is assessing competence?

What is assessing competence?

A Competency Assessment Compares an Individual’s Skills to Requirements. A competency assessment is the assessment of someone’s capabilities against the requirements of their job. Those requirements are defined in a competency model.

How is competency assessed or verified?

All verification methods must include a documented assessment. Theoretical knowledge is normally assessed in a training room but may also be conducted on the job (e.g. through documented verbal questioning). Skills assessments are usually conducted on the job using a practical test or simulation.

What are the common types of competency assessment?

The Competency Group can work with your organization to develop these common types of competency assessments:

  • Skills checklists.
  • Competency assessment tests.
  • Online competency assessments.
  • Competency-based interviews.
  • Skills gap analysis.
  • 180° or 360° assessment.
  • Competency assessment for recruitment.

What is a competency assessor?

The Workplace Competence Assessor (WCA) course will provide front line managers, supervisors and team leaders with the tools, techniques and skills to evaluate, develop and maintain the ongoing competence of their employees.

Who should assess competencies?

Who should assess competencies?

  • Self-assessment. A self-assessment is helpful in almost all circumstances.
  • Manager and supervisor assessment.
  • Expert or Experienced Operative.
  • Multi-rater and 360 degree feedback.
  • Assessment Centres and RTOs.

How does competency-based assessment differ from other types of assessments?

Competency-based assessment is very different to any other type of assessment. The specific skills and knowledge are assessed against specific performance criteria found in the unit of competency. There are two pathways to choose from when using this form of assessment: assessment through training.