What is C95500?

What is C95500?

C95500 is a nickel containing aluminium bronze. This enhances the properties of C95500 making it one of the toughest non-ferrous alloys known. It is used where higher mechanical properties at elevated temperatures together with corrosion-resistant properties are demanded.

What is the composition of aluminum bronze?

Aluminum Bronze contains approximately 9-14% aluminum and 4% iron while Nickel Aluminum Bronze contains approximately 9-11% aluminum, 4% iron and 5% nickel. That addition of nickel in the latter further improves the corrosion resistance of a material that is already strong in this area.

What is ASTM B148?

ASTM B148, 2018 Edition, October 1, 2018 – Standard Specification for Aluminum-Bronze Sand Castings. This specification establishes requirements for sand castings produced from copper-base alloys having the alloy numbers,2 commercial designations, and nominal compositions shown in Table 1.

What is the difference between bronze and Aluminium bronze?

Aluminium bronze is a type of bronze in which aluminium is the main alloying metal added to copper, in contrast to standard bronze (copper and tin) or brass (copper and zinc).

What is Aluminium bronze used for?

aluminum bronze, any of a group of strong, corrosion-resistant alloys of copper containing from 4 to 15 percent aluminum and small amounts of other metals, used to make many machine parts and tools. Because of their golden colour and high tarnish resistance, the alloys are also used for jewelry and in architecture.

Is bronze a precious metal?

Common metals include bronze, copper and iron whereas metals used for making jewelry, such as gold, platinum, and silver are called ‘Precious Metals’.

Is bronze stronger than gold?

Bronze is Harder Jewelry that is plated in gold or made of an alloy of gold (14k, 18k) are still soft and will wear down over time. Bronze is hard – it will take a lot more to break a piece made in bronze, or for a stone to fall out. Bronze jewelry is likely to last a lot longer without needing repair.