What is Floris mod Warband?

What is Floris mod Warband?

Floris (with the troop trees) is basically an overhaul of the game minus a different map. Diplomacy is there, but there’s also new companions, new troop tree, etc. Probably one of the most popular mods for Warband, and for a reason.

How do I download Floris evolved?

According to the instructions on mod page, you just run the installer to install the module (no unzipping anything). After you do that, just install the patch by copying the path contents into the Floris Evolved folder that was created by the installer.

What does Floris mod have?

The full mod includes lots of graphical enhancements and loads of alternate colors for items – all of these can cause a drain on your computer. The Gameplay mod lets you play without those if your computer is slower (so you only get 1-2 colors of peasant hats, but still get Formations and AI tweaks and such).

How do I install Floris Warband?

To Install in Addition to FEMP…

  1. Make a copy of your …
  2. Rename it something obvious/you’ll remember (e.g. Floris Improved)
  3. Unzip these files into your new/copied folder.
  4. Make a copy of your …\Documents\Mount&Blade Warband Savegames\Floris Expanded Mod Pack\ folder.

What is in Floris mod pack?


  • GE: New Combat animations for Swords, Spears & Shields, Polearms, Archery, Two-Handed Swords, Pike-bracing and Shield bashing.
  • BGE: Each faction has a unique style.
  • BGE: Coloured Faction Arms.
  • BGE: New map icons, including some that reflect the scene.
  • E: New buildings for all factions.
  • BGE: New banners.

How do I install Warband mods?

In all seriousness, download the mod, extract it until it looks like a legitimate module folder, and plop that into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MountBlade Warband\Modules if you’re on windows. If you’re on mac, just follow the steam path until you get to the same place.

What version of Warband does the Floris mod work with?

The mod has been updated and will function with warband version 1.153. The Floris Mod Team is recruiting. Maybe you would like to help us out? New Wikia site – floris.wikia.com/wiki/Floris_Wiki – launched dedicated to the Floris Mod Pack.

Where can I buy Mount&Blade Warband and Floris?

You can buy Mount & Blade: Warband from a variety of digital retailers, and the Floris Mod Pack is available from ModDB now.

Do I need to backup the Floris Mod packs?

* Always make a backup of your native files, so you can easily revert back if you want to. There are quite some mods, scripts and other sources used, sometimes partially, in the Floris Mod Packs. For a full overview of the sources included, and an overview of all the features, have a look at the features on this site.

What changes have been made to Warband?

Tournaments: Tournaments will no longer grant 2 points to people who lost in a round. Added hard edges to Muiderslot models. Mercenary contracts should no longer get Div/0 errors leading to 4,000,000 denar payments. The “black screen of death” caused during character creation since warband’s 1.150 update should no longer occur.