What is hairpin in heat exchanger?

What is hairpin in heat exchanger?

Hairpin heat exchangers use true counter-current flow. Unlike multi-pass shell and tube designs where correction factors are used to account for inefficiencies resulting from co-current passes, this process maximizes temperature differences between shell- and tube-side fluids.

What is another name for heat exchanger?

What is another word for heat exchanger?

water heater boiler
calorifier geyser
hot water heater hot water tank

What is a hairpin tube?

Hairpin exchangers are jacketed ‘U’ tube exchangers operating in a true countercurrent flow, allowing also temperature cross (hot fluid outlet temperature is below cold fluid outlet temperature) with a very efficient design.

How was the current hairpin design beneficial?

Thermally Efficient. Special closure styles are available when the tube-side design pressure is high. In many of these cases, the hairpin design can be more thermally efficient than a traditional shell and tube. Additionally, the design typically results in a smaller shell.

What is another word for heat transfer?

Convective heat transfer, or simply, convection, is the transfer of heat from one place to another by the movement of fluids, a process that is essentially the transfer of heat via mass transfer.

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What is the difference between double pipe and shell and tube heat exchanger?

One fluid hot or cold flow in shell and other hot or cold flow in the tubes. Also in case of shell & tube(S) the hot fluid will have more turbulence than in double pipe heat exchanger (HE) since there are no of tubes within a shell the area for convective heat transfer is considerably increased.

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