What is Layher scaffolding?

What is Layher scaffolding?

Layher Allround® Scaffolding is centred on the highly versatile Allround Connector, which features a ‘rosette’ welded onto the upright component that can safely and securely accommodate eight individual connections.

What is a system scaffold?

System scaffolding, also known as modular scaffolding, consists of horizontal and vertical structural components, referred to as standards and ledgers respectively, and pre-engineered joints and supports or transoms.

What is Layher scaffold made of?

Strong. No limits. In steel and aluminum – it’s the original one. Layher Allround® Scaffolding, hot-dip galvanize, is ideal for demanding scaffolding applications and where conventional scaffolding technology cannot be used optimally and economically.

Can I put up scaffolding myself?

You must use a builder or scaffolding contractor who is trained and competent to put up scaffolding. This means they need to have the necessary skills, experience and knowledge to manage health and safety.

What are the different types of scaffold?

Types of Scaffolding used in Construction:

  • Single Scaffolding.
  • Double Scaffolding.
  • Cantilever Scaffolding.
  • Suspended Scaffolding.
  • Trestle Scaffolding.
  • Steel Scaffolding.
  • Patented Scaffolding.

What is Kwikstage scaffolding?

Aluminium Kwikstage scaffolding is an easy-to-use, lightweight system that is simple and fast to erect, making it more cost-effective as it saves in labour costs.

How are connections made on the Allround scaffolding system?

Positive connection from the word go: the wedge head is slid over the perforated rosette without difficulty. . . A blow with a hammer on the wedge then transforms the positive connection into an unsurpassed force- transmitting rigid joint. . . . and immediately secured against falling out by using the wedge.

What is the best scaffolding type?

Steel Scaffolding Steel scaffolding is made from steel tubes that are set jointly by steel fittings or couplers. It is simple to erect and to dismantle. It has better robustness, greater durability and superior fire resistance. Though it is not affordable cost wise, it provides greater safety for workers.

Is it illegal to work on a roof without scaffolding?

Whilst it isn’t illegal to work on domestic roofs and chimneys without scaffolding, health and safety regulation strongly recommends the use of appropriate roof and chimney scaffolding. For larger jobs on sloping roofs, HSE recommends the use of roof scaffolding to prevent people or materials from falling.

Layher scaffold towers and support scaffolding systems are easily, logically and quickly assembled from a few parts to take on the heaviest loads and toughest, most complex assignments.

Are these scaffolding parts compatible with other Layher toe boards?

These scaffolding parts are compatible with other Layher toe boards when connected in a straight run. Thanks to its closed profile, the toe board is very stiff and sturdy, and dirt is unable to collect inside the toe board. The steel toe boards rest directly on the platforms, eliminating gaps between the toe board and the deck surface.

Can the Layher rosette be used with other scaffolding?

The Layher Rosette can connect to both the Layher STAR Frame and Layher’s SpeedyScaf® Scaffolding. This scaffolding accessory can make connections between scaffolding tubes and Layher Allround® Scaffolding. The Layher Rosette also allows for intermediate connections at the Allround® standard.

How long has scaffolding been around?

As we reflect on our 75 years as the originator and innovator of superior integrated scaffolding systems, we want to thank you for your trust during this time of rebuild.