What is Lichensa cream?

What is Lichensa cream?

Lichensa Ointment is used for Eczema, Fungal infections of toes, back pain, dry skin, cracked skin, diaper dermatitis and other conditions. It is used to treat various skin conditions; reducing pain and delayed onset muscle soreness.

How do you use Lichensa cream?

Wash the affected area with soap and water. Apply Lichensa Ointment in a thick uniform layer. Repeat twice a day, once during the day and once before going to bed. Regular application of Lichensa Ointment will keep your feet soft and beautiful.

Is Lichensa good for cracked heels?

It is used to treat various skin conditions; reducing pain and delayed onset muscle soreness. Used for crack on heels, dhobis Itch, napkin rash, infection between toes and fingers, diaper rash (Adult and Children), bed sores, boils, nail Infection.

Can we use Lichensa cream for face?

Avoid using Lichensa Ointment if you are allergic to it. Seek immediate medical attention if you notice any symptoms such as a skin rash, itching/swelling (especially of the face/tongue/throat), severe dizziness, breathing difficulty, etc.

What is the use of antifungal cream?

Antifungal creams, liquids or sprays (also called topical antifungals) These are used to treat fungal infections of the skin, scalp and nails. They include clotrimazole, econazole, ketoconazole, miconazole, tioconazole, terbinafine, and amorolfine. They come in various different brand names.

Is Hadensa good for piles?

Hadensa Ointment is a combination of medicines that promotes healing in plies (hemorrhoids). Menthol, an active ingredient of this medicine, gives a cooling effect to reduce the symptoms such as pain, swelling, irritation or itching caused due to piles. It has a numbing agent that helps in passing the stools easily.

Can I apply candid cream on face?

Candid-B Cream should not be used on the face. Do not use the medication for longer than the advised period of time. Do not apply a bandage or dressing to the area being treated, as this will increase absorption of the preparation and increase the risk of side effects.

Which ointment is best for fissures?

Normally used to relax blood vessels, nitroglycerin ointment is the most effective medicine for relaxing the anal sphincter to treat anal fissure. A nitroglycerin ointment may need to be compounded by a compounding pharmacy.

What are the ingredients in lichensa ointment?

Lichensa Ointmentcontains Boric Acid Topical, Clotrimazole Topical, Lanolin Topical, Menthol Topical and Zinc Oxide Topical as active ingredients.

Can lichensa ointment be used for chapped skin and cracked skin?

Yes, chapped skin and cracked skin are among the most common reported uses for Lichensa Ointment. Please do not useLichensa Ointmentfor chapped skin and cracked skin without consulting first with your doctor. Click here and view survey results to find out what other patients report as common uses for Lichensa Ointment.

How long does it take lichensa ointment to work?

tabletwise. net website users have reported same day and 3 days as the most common time it takes before they saw improvements in their conditions. These times may not be reflective of what you may experience or how you should use this medicine. Please consult with your doctor to check how long do you need to use Lichensa Ointment.

What happens if you take expired lichensa ointment?

Taking a single dose of expired Lichensa Ointment is unlikely to produce an adverse event. However, please discuss with your primary health provider or pharmacist for proper advice or if you feel unwell or sick. Expired drug may become ineffective in treating your prescribed conditions.