What is Mohammed VI known for?

What is Mohammed VI known for?

Mohammed has vast business holdings across several economic sectors in Morocco. His net worth has been estimated at between US$2.1 billion and over US$8.2 billion, and, according to the American business magazine Forbes, he was the richest king in Africa and the fifth wealthiest monarch in the world.

How old is Moulay Hassan?

19 years (May 8, 2003)Moulay Hassan, Crown Prince of Morocco / Age

How many languages does Moulay Hassan speak?

He speaks four languages: Arabic, French, English and Spanish. As for Moulay Hassan’s education, he went to the Royal College in Rabat. In July, the 19-year-old crown prince graduated from high school in 2020 and received his baccalaureate in economic and social sciences with honours.

Who was Prince Mohammed the second son of Hassan II?

Mohammed was the second child and oldest son of Hassan II and his secondary wife, Lalla Latifa Hammou. On the day of his birth, Mohammed was appointed Heir Apparent and Crown Prince.

What happened to Hassan II of Saudi Arabia?

On July 23, 1999, at 16:30 ( GMT ), Hassan II was pronounced dead from a myocardial infarction by the CHU Ibn Sina Hospital in Rabat, he was hospitalized earlier that day for acute interstitial pneumonitis, he was 70 years old.

How many times was King Hassan II murdered?

King Hassan II, on his way to Friday prayers in Marrakesh, 1967. In the early 1970s, King Hassan survived two assassination attempts.

What did King Hassan of Morocco say about bigamy?

During Hassan’s tenure as prime minister, Morocco controversially accepted Soviet military aid and made overtures towards Moscow. During an interview, Hassan stated that “as an Islamic people, [Morocco has] the right to practice bigamy. We can wed East and West and be faithful to both”. King Hassan II, being interviewed for Today on NBC, 1963.