What is Pan Haggerty made of?

What is Pan Haggerty made of?

Pan haggerty is a traditional one-pot wonder or bacon, potatoes and carrots, perfect for warming you up on a cold evening. Or serve as a side with some leftover roast chicken. Read more about sharing.

Where does Pan Haggerty originate from?

Pan haggerty is a traditional dish originating from Northumberland, but it’s enjoyed throughout the United Kingdom in numerous variations. The dish is usually prepared with a combination of sliced potatoes, onions, butter, salt, pepper, and shredded cheddar cheese.

How do you make Panacalty with bacon?


  1. Layer a third of the sliced potatoes, overlapping slightly, to cover your dish.
  2. Add a third of the onions, bacon and corned beef.
  3. Repeat 2 more times, creating 3 layers in total.
  4. Mix together the beef stock and gravy and pour over the top.

What are Ramos potatoes good for?

A Dutch bred early maincrop, Ramos is a typical farmer’s potato – high yields with big tubers meaning it is mainly used for production of French fries, also fish and chips. Ramos has oval to long-oval tubers with light yellow flesh, yellow skin and good dry matter content as well as lovely flavour.

Why is it called Pan Haggerty?

Its name derives from the fact that it is cooked in a pan. The dish exists in a number of local variations that differ in name, meat and vegetable content. This dish is also referred to as tatey pot or corned beef and tatey pot.

What is Panacalty recipe?

It consists of meat, mainly corned beef, and root vegetables, mainly potatoes, onions and carrots, all left to bake throughout the day in an oven pot on low heat, or cooked slowly on a low heat in a pan….Panackelty.

A bowl of panackelty
Alternative names Panacalty
Main ingredients Meat and root vegetables

What do you serve with Panacalty?

Serve the panacalty with a fried egg, crispy bacon and chopped parsley on top, and crusty bread and butter on the side. Cook’s Tip: Make a vegetarian panacalty simply by omitting the corned beef (you can substitute it for sliced root veg) and swapping beef stock for veg stock.

Do supermarkets sell Ramos potatoes?

Ramos potatoes aren’t widely available in supermarkets yet. I’ve seen them in farmers markets. Or you could ask to buy a bag from your local chip shop. You could also try growing them at home, something we are going to do.

What are pan haggerty potatoes?

These Irish Pan Haggerty Potatoes feature sliced potatoes, bacon and sauteed Onions, topped with Dubliner Cheese. Great Irish comfort food. Pan Haggerty is a very nostalgic dish for me.

What is pan haggerty and how do you eat it?

Pan haggerty can be eaten cold or at room temperature. It’s delicious as a snack or part of a lunch (wrap in foil and pop into a lunch box). If you’re a meat lover, pan haggerty is perfect with sausages, bacon, or cold cuts left from a Sunday lunch. For vegetarians, serve with a fried egg on top or perhaps a dollop of wilted spinach or kale.

What is pan haggerty made out of?

This pan haggerty recipe uses just potatoes, onions, and cheese, but sometimes it also includes a little bit of cabbage which is an excellent way to sneak in some vegetables without the kids realizing it. A filling dish, pan haggerty is delicious on its own but it is also excellent with sausages or other meat.

What are some good side dishes to serve with pan haggerty?

White potatoes are great, as well. I don’t suggest Russets, as they don’t tend to hold up as well. Pan Haggerty is a great side-dish for dinner or next to some eggs for a weekend breakfast (or breakfast for dinner). Of course, it’s also perfectly acceptable to just sit down with a bowl of it all on its own.