What is SWA XLPE cable?

What is SWA XLPE cable?

The range of hard-wearing steel wire armour (SWA) and aluminium wire armour (AWA) XLPE insulated cables is manufactured in accordance with IEC 60502-1 and is designed for use in applications where there is a risk of mechanical stress and where protection is required against mechanical damage.

What is the difference between XLPE and armoured cable?

The main difference between the two is that XLPE can be used for both high-and-low tension applications. Its structure provides great resistance to abrasion, stress, and other wear and tear. PVC insulation cannot withstand as much pressure, meaning it is only suitable for low tension applications.

Why 70mm2 welding cable is needed?

Because of the development of many countries economies, more and more projects require the 70mm2 cable. Such as power installation, building, power substation and so on. But, the existing some 4 core 70mm welding cable no longer meet people’s requirements, So, more and more 4 core 70mm cable manufacturers appearance

What is the 70mm 4 core cable used for?

Although, the 70mm 4 core cable price is one of types of rubber cable, But, the welding cable 70mm2 insulation is either or rubber and PVC. Because of it’s conductor soft. So, the 70mm earth cable wildly used for equipment.

What is 70mm earth cable used for?

So, the 70mm earth cable wildly used for equipment. Core: single core, 2 core, 3 core, 4 core and so on. Insulation: XLPE/PVC and so on. Sectional-Areal: 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 70mm, 95mm and so on. At the same time, it compare with the armoured 4 core 70mm cable, its soft will higher.

Why choose Huadong cable group for 70mm2 armoured cable?

Therefore Huadong Cable Group as a professional 4 core armoured cable 70mm2 manufacturers, can design the armoured 70mm2 cable according to the customer’s requirement. So, if you choose huadong will save many costs.