What is the best University to study midwifery UK?

What is the best University to study midwifery UK?

Which are the best universities to study Midwifery?

  • University of Coventry.
  • University of Manchester.
  • University of Northampton.
  • University of Northumbria.
  • University of Swansea.
  • Kingston St George’s.
  • University of Staffordshire.
  • Anglia Ruskin University.

What else can you do with a midwifery degree?

What can you do with a midwifery degree?

  • learning disability nurse.
  • care worker.
  • psychologist.
  • family project worker.
  • nurse.
  • community worker.

Does Queen Mary do midwifery?

Antenatal care (before birth) We provide antenatal care at Princess Royal University Hospital, Orpington Hospital, Queen Mary’s Hospital, Sidcup, and Beckenham Beacon. Our community midwives also give antenatal care at local GP surgeries and children’s centres.

Does Oxford do midwifery?

Oxfordshire offers excellent graduate employment opportunities. We work with the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to arrange clinical placements in a range of maternity care settings. Our midwifery course is very popular so please apply early.

How much do midwives make UK?

Salaries for newly qualified midwives are set at Band 5, which starts at £25,655. You can then progress to Band 6, which ranges from £32,306 to £39,027. Salaries at Band 7, where you’ll be working at a more senior level, e.g. managing a team, are in the region of £40,057 to £45,839.

What university should I go to for midwifery?

City, University of London.

Why midwives are leaving the profession?

The top five reasons for leaving the profession were: not happy with staffing levels; not satisfied with the quality of care they were able to give; not happy with the workload; not happy with the support they were getting from their manager; and not happy with working conditions (RCM, 2016a: 9).

How difficult is it to get into Queen Mary?

Taking all universities into consideration, the average offer rate is 72.82%….Full list of UK university offer rates.

Rank University Offer rate
29 Queen Mary, University of London 64.6%
30 University of Leeds 65.7%
31 Robert Gordon University 66.3%

Does Cambridge University do midwifery?

Midwifery at ARU Study in Cambridge, Chelmsford or Peterborough, in our cutting-edge, true-to-life skill laboratories and become a part of our supportive midwifery community. When you graduate, you’ll be ready to start your career as a registered midwife. A career in midwifery brings with it unique rewards.

WHAT A levels do you need for midwifery?

You will need at least 2 A Levels, one of which must be a Science subject in order to qualify for a midwifery degree. Although in the interest of giving you the best start, Biology is the obvious choice. Chemistry and a social science such as Psychology or Sociology are good complementary qualifications too.