What is the default font in linux terminal?

What is the default font in linux terminal?

Ubuntu Monospace
“Ubuntu Monospace comes preinstalled with Ubuntu 11.10 and it is the default terminal font.”

How do I change the font in linux terminal?

Easier way

  1. Open the terminal with pressing Ctrl + Alt + T .
  2. Right click on the terminal, from the appeared popup menu, go to Profiles → Profile Preferences.
  3. Then in the General Tab, uncheck Use the system fixed width font, and then select your desired font from dropdown menu.

What port is ttyS0?

Linux uses ttySx for a serial port device name. For example, COM1 (DOS/Windows name) is ttyS0, COM2 is ttyS1, and so on. USB based serial ports might use a name such as ttySUSB0.

What is the default font in Ubuntu?

Ubuntu Font Family
The Ubuntu Font Family is the default font for the current and development releases of the Ubuntu operating system and is used for the Ubuntu project branding.

How do I change the font on my console?

Right click on the console window title bar, select Defaults, switch to tab Font and choose your desired font and size.

What is Linux serial port?

Linux names its serial ports in the UNIX tradition. The first serial port has the file name /dev/ttyS0, the second serial port has the file name /dev/ttyS1, and so on. This differs from the IBM PC tradition. The first serial port is named COM1:, the second serial port is named COM2:, and so on.

What is ttyAMA0?

ttyAMA0 is the device for the first serial port on ARM architecture. If you have an ARM-based TV box with a serial console and running Android or OpenELEC, you’d be using a ttyAMAn to attach a console to it.

What is the default font for Ubuntu terminal?

Ubuntu Mono from the Ubuntu Font Family ( font.ubuntu.com) is the default GUI monospace terminal font on Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot). Terminus Font ( terminus-font.sourceforge.net) is the default font on the Linux console ( Ctrl + Alt + F1, $ /bin/setfont /usr/share/consolefonts/FOO.psf.gz)

How to monitor a serial port on a Linux PC?

Taking into consideration that you connected your serial communication device to your PC, using a USB cable, it shows up as either: Where the x stand for a number depending on the amount of serial devices currently connected. In order to monitor the serial port, we first need to determine its Linux device name.

Why can’t I use the Ubuntu Font in the console?

The Ubuntu font has no monospaced version, so it’s not suited for use in a terminal or console that has fixed width character cells. In addition, console fonts are special bitmap fonts, not TrueType/OpenType fonts (but OTOH it shouldn’t be too difficult to create a console font from a monospaced TrueType font).

What is a a serial port used for?

A serial port offers a basic interface for communicating with external devices. It’s named serial because bits move serially through the communication line, meaning one bit after the other. The bits travel at a predetermined speed, also known as the baudrate. Typical baudrate settings: 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600 and 115200 bits per second.