What is the difference between the Illuminati and Mickey Mouse Club?

What is the difference between the Illuminati and Mickey Mouse Club?

The Illuminati were a Bavarian political group that advocated the overthrow of hereditary European monarchies. They were founded in 1776 and disbanded in 1785. They only ever had six members. They met in beer halls. The Mickey Mouse Club never advocated the overthrow of the Bavarian government, and they didn’t drink beer.

What are some of the most famous Illuminati symbols?

The various lists include things as commonplace and diverse as eyes, the sun, umbrellas, triangles, fire, pointing – in fact more or less any hand signal is taken to be an Illuminati symbol! – mirrors, rainbows, butterflies and owls. Hey, you said there was a reference in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Indeed.

Does Mickey Mouse have a Masonic connection?

The masonic connections are mocked in Bimbo’s Initiation, a Betty Boop cartoon, created by Disney’s rival Max Fleischer, which combines sex, torture, and masonic symbols. Some references are glossed in the video below. No wonder Mickey Mouse is flashing a masonic handsign.

Are there any cartoons about the Illuminati on TV?

Even cartoons about the high school life are suspect. In the series Ever After High, there are quite a few examples that show just how prevalent the Illuminati is in television. Just look at the high school’s flooring. “We see the checkered Freemasonry floor,” an article says.

What is the Illuminati and how does it work?

Kill Your TV! ) you were introduced to the Illuminati – the secret organization of underdeveloped men that operates from the shadows to control the public, using television and subliminal programming as their primary weapons.

What does a finger over mouth mean in the Illuminati?

Vow of Silence The vow of silence – usually symbolized by a finger over the mouth… is a code amongst the Illuminati to never reveal the secrets of what they’re involved in… … and as you can see below, this gesture can be found on numerous album and magazine covers and photo-shoots: