What is the latent heat of 1 kg steam?

What is the latent heat of 1 kg steam?

As the latent heat of steam at atmospheric pressure is 2257 kJ/kg the amount of flash steam produced will be 299/2257 = 0.133 kg/kg of condensate.

How do you calculate the heat of steam?

hg = 2676 KJ/Kg, So now Enthalpy required for saturated liquid to convert into saturated steam can be obtained as follows, Latent Heat ( he ) = hg – hf = 2676 – 419 = 2257 KJ / Kg. Cp – Specific Heat of Steam at Constant Pressure, which can be considered as 1.860 KJ/Kg.

Is 1kg of steam equal to 1kg of water?

1 kg of water is converted into steam at the same temperature and at 1 atm (100 kPa). The density of water and steam are 1000 kgm−3 and 0.6 kgm−3 respectively.

What is the volume of 1kg of steam?

1.673 cubic metres
Steam Volume At atmospheric pressure 1 kg of steam occupies nearly 1.673 cubic metres (m3) At a pressure of 10 bar abs, that same 1 kg of steam will only occupy 0,1943 m3.

How hot is 250 steam?

Pressure/Temperature Relationship Example: The temperature of 250 psig pure steam is always 406°F. Heat of Saturated Liquid (Column 4). This is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of a pound of water from 32°F to the boiling point at the pressure and temperature shown.

What is the pressure of steam?

The triple point of H2O, where the three phases of ice, water and steam are in equilibrium, occurs at a temperature of 273.16 K and an absolute pressure of 0.006 112 bar. This pressure is very close to a perfect vacuum.

How do you convert steam pressure kg cm2 into steam flow rate kg HR?

By the discharge pressure get the specific volume of steam via steam table. Divide the volumetric flowrate(m3/hr) by specific volume(m3/kg) to get mass flowrate(kg/hr).

What is the specific enthalpy of steam at atmospheric pressure?

The total specific enthalpy of the steam (or heat required to evaporate water to steam) at atmospheric pressure and 212 oF can be summarized to Engineering ToolBox – SketchUp Extension – Online 3D modeling!

How much energy does it take to steam at 212 of?

Vacuum steam is the general term used for saturated steam at temperatures below 100°C. At atmospheric pressure – 0 psig – water boils at 212 oF. 180 Btu/lb of energy is required to heat 1 lb of water to saturation temperature 212 oF. Another 970 Btu/lb of energy is required to evaporate the 1 lb of water at 212 oF to steam at 212 oF.

What is latent heat of evaporation?

The heat required for changing state as evaporation is referred to as latent heat of evaporation. The most common vapor is evaporated water – steam or moist. Enthalpy of a system is defined as the mass of the system – m – multiplied by the specific enthalpy – h – of the system and can be expressed as:

What is the temperature of steam at critical point?

Sensible, latent and total heat in evaporated water – steam – at different gauge pressures and boiling temperatures. 2) Critical Point – At 3206.2 psia and 705.40 oF the vapor and liquid are indistinguishable. No change of state occurs when pressure increases above the critical point or when heat is added.