What is the meaning of GIDC?

What is the meaning of GIDC?

Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation
Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) is the Nodal agency of the Government of Gujarat for providing Industrial backbone of the state. GIDC has been set up under the Gujarat Industrial Development Act 1962 as a Statutory Board.

How can I buy GIDC plot?

Allotment of Properties

  1. Online Application by Applicant.
  2. Submission of Application with Scrutiny Fee (Acknowledgement within 7 days)
  3. Presentation Before Screening Committee Based On Which Decision Is Taken.
  4. Agreement Execution along with down payment (60 days from date of OCA)
  5. Possession Advice (within 3 days)

What is the rate of GIDC in Gujarat?

Famous industrialists like Dhirubhai Ambani of Reliance and Karsanbhai Patel of (Nirma) have their industrial units in GIDC. Corporation has established 182 industrial estates, ranging from mini to mega sizes, in 25 of the 25 districts of the state.

How many GIDC are there in Ahmedabad?

As per Sources from the state industrial department, the Three new GIDC estates in Ahmedabad district will be at Bor and Hirapur villages in Sanand taluka, Hansalpur village in Mandal taluka and near Vasna Chacharvadi village on the border of Daskroi, Dholka and Bavala talukas.

Which district GIDC is located in Gujarat?

The locality GIDC falls in Bharuch district situated in Gujarat state, with a population 3328.

How do I transfer a GIDC plot?

  2. Annexure –I.
  3. Part –II (To be filled in by transferee) Name and address.
  4. (B) Power Requirement. 1ST YEAR (HP/KVA)
  5. Service Assurance: Transfer application shall be processed within 30 working days from the date of submission of.

What is 2r permission Gidc?

2(r) permission or mortgage permission is issued by the GIDC in cases where the allottee needs to apply for loan from banks or any other financial institutions by mortgaging the leased property in favour of the bank/ institutions.

Which is the biggest GIDC in India?

Ankleshwar Industrial Association (AIA) is the largest organisation of the Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation, where over 2000 industries are registered.

When was GIDC established?

GIDM has been established by the State Government on 26th January 2004.