What is the movie cafe society about?

What is the movie cafe society about?

Looking for an exciting career, young Bobby Dorfman leaves New York for the glitz and glamour of 1930s Hollywood. After landing a job with his uncle, Bobby falls for Vonnie, a charming woman who happens to be his employer’s mistress. Settling for friendship but ultimately heartbroken, Bobby returns to the Bronx and begins working in a nightclub. Everything falls into place when he finds romance with a beautiful socialite, until Vonnie walks back into his life and captures his heart once again.Café Society / Film synopsis

Who plays Bonnie in cafe society?

Kristen Stewart
Phil introduces Bobby to his secretary Veronica, nicknamed Vonnie (Kristen Stewart), who is tasked with helping Bobby settle into Hollywood. Bobby is drawn to her unpretentiousness as opposed to most young women living in Hollywood, and falls deeply in love with her.

What year is Cafe Society set?

This summer Woody Allen released his 52nd feature film, Cafe Society, a comedy-drama set in the 1930s. Its star-studded cast — Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively, and Steve Carrell — embodies familiar Allen themes: love triangles, glamour, and the enduring power of anxiety.

Who narrates cafe society?

Allen is the narrator of Cafe Society, his newest film, and, like usual for him, he both wrote and directed it. Allen is the narrator of Café Society, as well as writing and directing it. As said, this isn’t Allen’s first foray into narration. Previously, he’s narrated Radio Days, Annie Hall, and Manhattan.

Is Café Society a true story?

So even though Café Society is not based on a true story, it still seems to be at least partly inspired by some people Woody Allen met early in his career, as well as Hollywood’s Golden Age in general.

How did Café Society end?

Bobby marries a woman named Veronica and has a daughter with her. Vonnie and Phil appear in New York, briefly rekindling the spark between her and Bobby, but they choose to go on with their proper relationships. In the end, it appears they both regret choosing other people.

When did Café Society close?

While Café Society was only open for a little over a decade, its radical politics had an enormous impact, and its legacy lived on long after its doors closed in 1949.

Is Café Society worth watching?

Cafe Society is a little on the slow side – the acting is good, there are a few jokes, it’s historically accurate (I’m always looking for films about old Hollywood to goof up like Barton Fink), and the photography and fashions are beautiful.

Is Café Society still open?

Both locations of Café Society were closed by 1950. But Josephson managed to pick himself up and soon opened another influential downtown jazz club, the Cookery, which stayed opened into the 1980s.

Where was Café Society located?

New York City
Café Society was a New York City nightclub open from 1938 to 1948 on Sheridan Square in Greenwich Village.

What does the end of Café Society mean?

Is café society worth watching?