What is the Mustang California Special worth?

What is the Mustang California Special worth?

The Ford Mustang range gains a new California Special edition for 2022, plus standard Line Lock. Prices start at $52,590 before on-roads. The Ford Mustang enters 2022 with a new California Special variant, standard Line Lock across the range, and numerous new paint colours.

How many California Special Mustangs are there?

4,100 units
Called the California Special, it was built with help from Shelby and sold exclusively in the western United States, to the tune of approximately 4,100 units.

What is the GT California package on a Mustang?

GT California Special, Now More Special There are GT Performance-pack-style enhancements, including an aggressive front bumper, along with a honeycomb grille, prominent side intake scoops (they’re fake but look cool) ahead of the rear wheels, and side stripes incorporating the iconic GT/CS lettering.

What years were the California Special Mustangs made?

Production ran for only 5.5 months from mid-February 1968 to early August 1968. Today, classic car collectors consider these cars to be very desirable.

How much is a California Special?

The 2022 edition will be available in fastback and convertible bodies, and plenty of color choices will be available for the customers. The price range starts at around $67,000, and other extra options can cost up to $2,750 a piece. Also, the California Special will be available in Europe for the first time.

What years did Ford make California Special Mustangs?

Los Angeles, Calif. – If you own a late-model 2007-20 Ford Mustang GT/CS California Special, you don’t just own a Mustang with a unique name badge and stripes, you also own a piece of the California car culture that traces back to the late 1960’s.

What is a 1968 Mustang California Special?

The California Special was a base model Hardtop mustang with some added body components and mid-body striping. The GT/CS’s were built only out of the San Jose, California plant. This mustang came with the Interior Decor Trim and Exterior Decor Trim package.