What is the population of Summerland Key Florida?

What is the population of Summerland Key Florida?

Summerland Key is located in Florida. Summerland Key, Florida has a population of 6,316.

How big is Summerland Key Florida?

Summerland Key is a somewhat small town located in the state of Florida. With a population of 7,371 people and three constituent neighborhoods, Summerland Key is the 238th largest community in Florida.

Where is Summerland Key?

lower Florida Keys
Summerland Key is an island in the lower Florida Keys about 20 miles (32 km) east of Key West; it contains an unincorporated community of Monroe County of the same name. U.S. 1 (or the Overseas Highway) crosses the island at approximately mile markers 24–25.5, between Ramrod Key and Cudjoe Key.

What is the zip code for Summerland Key Florida?

33042Summerland Key / Zip code

What is the zip code for Big Pine Key Florida?

33043Big Pine Key / Zip code

Is Summerland Key a good place to live?

With its location between major tourist and commercial Florida Keys islands of Marathon and Key West, Summerland Key enjoys a very special island living atmosphere that is near to schools, key transportation areas, recreation facilities, nature parks and preserves, aquatic activities such as the best snorkeling, diving …

Where is Sugarloaf Key FL?

the lower Florida Keys
Sugarloaf Key is a single island in the lower Florida Keys that forms a loop on the Atlantic Ocean side giving the illusion of separate islands….Sugarloaf Key.

Location Gulf of Mexico
Coordinates 24.628°N 81.514°W
Archipelago Florida Keys
Adjacent bodies of water Florida Straits

What’s the zip code for Key West Florida?

Key West/Zip codes

What is Sugarloaf Key known for?

What is this? The two main attractions in Sugarloaf Key are the Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge and the Perky Bat Tower. The KOA campground is also a popular attraction, as it offers one of the few campgrounds near Key West.