What is the proper mix ratio for Fendona?

What is the proper mix ratio for Fendona?

40 – 85 ml / 10l water Hides and skins: Thoroughly wet all parts. Repeat treatment every three months or if necessary. Warehouse floors, walls and other surfaces: Apply spray mixture to the point of run-off. Repeat treatment every three months or if necessary.

Is Fendona safe for humans?

Fendona® has a proven repellent action that keeps insects from getting too close to cause harm and is highly effective at low use-rates. Its low toxicity makes it safe for humans, mammals and the environment in general.

How do you mix Fendona 6sc?

Mixing instructions: Half fill the sprayer with clean water. Measure the required volume of FENDONA*6 SC and pre-mix this with some water. Add this mixture to the water in the sprayer….1 x 50ml

  1. Fleas, Flies, Ants.
  2. Bedbugs, Fish-moths.
  3. Cockroaches, Mosquitoes.
  4. Hide Beetles, Stable Flies.

Can you spray Fendona on bed?

Fendona® SC should be the first choice for bed bug treatment. It’s advanced, low dose, alpha-cypermethrin formulation delivers rapid knockdown, even coverage and reliable residuality.

How long does Fendona take to work?

How does it work? The Fendona® “knock-down” effect is achieved after 30 minutes. It is formulated in the form of a concentrated suspension (SC), which provides uniform coverage of treated surfaces and good adhesion, even of very porous surfaces. This way residual activity of the product lasts up to 3 months.

What is the active ingredient in Fendona CS?

Fendona CS insecticide includes an advanced encapsulation and active ingredient, alpha-cypermethrin, that together provide powerfully effective perimeter pest control.

Can you use Fendona on dogs?

With professional application, Fendona® presents no risk to either humans or pets which can be re-admitted to treated areas as soon as sprayed surfaces are dry to the touch. Good biodegradability adds to its superior overall environmental profile.

How do you use Efekto without roaches?

No Roach 25 SC Treats cockroaches and bedbugs in dwellings, animal houses and industrial premises. To use, apply with a pressure sprayer or use a suitable sprayer. Apply spray mix to skirtings, walls, cupboards as well as all surfaces where insects are noticed. Pay particular attention to cracks and crevices.

Can Fendona CS be used indoors?

The active ingredient in Fendona CS is cypermethrin and it is integrated with micro-encapsulated technology which gives it outstanding residual protection for up to 90 days. Fendona CS can be used both indoors and outdoors and has no odor and will not stain surfaces.

Can you spray Fendona on plants?

It is equally suited to use in domestic housing, commercial premises including food processing plants, and public buildings like hospitals, hotels and restaurants.

What is alpha-cypermethrin?

Alpha-cypermethrin is a widely used pyrethroid insecticide. It has a low aqueous solubility, in relatively volatile and, based on its chemical properties, is not expected to leach to groundwater. However, it is considered to be a serious water pollutant.

Is Fendona safe for fish?

Poisonous when swallowed and moderately toxic by skin contact. Not significantly hazardous to bees, various other beneficial pest parasites and predators and fish under field conditions provided the product is used as directed. Moderately toxic to wildlife. Store in a cool place away from food and feed.