What is the purpose of Chingay?

What is the purpose of Chingay?

Chingay procession was held in celebration with the birthdays of the Chinese deities or the procession of the Goddess of Mercy (Guanyin). It was held to worship and enjoy with the deity.

Why is Chingay called Chingay?

The word Chingay is equivalent to the Mandarin word 妆艺 (zhuangyi) which means the art of costume and masquerade in the Hokkien dialect. Here in Singapore, the Chingay Parade started in 1973 as a street parade to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Is Chingay free?

The event is free, but ticketed, as part of crowd control measures. Up to 2,000 visitors are allowed per time slot, which is either 90 minutes or two hours long.

What time is Chingay?

Chingay 50 will be offering an inclusive online showcase of events, encouraging people to get involved in many different ways in the art world. Aptly named ‘Ignite Your Dreams’, a live broadcast will be available on 12th Febraury at 8pm and catch it on Channel 5 and Channel 8 on Sunday 27th February at 7pm.

Where is Chingay held?

Jewel Changi Airport
F1 Pit BuildingSingapore2019, 2018, 2017.
Chingay parade/Event locations

What Chingay 50?

Themed ‘Ignite Our Dreams’ – the 2022 Chingay showcase (Chingay50) will be its 50th edition and will celebrate the annual affair’s journey from its early days as a street parade till today. Chingay50 will be aired live online and on social media channels on Saturday, 12 February 2022.

When was the first Chingay Parade held in Singapore?

On 4 February 1973, the first Singapore Chingay parade was held partly as a result of the ban on firecrackers a year earlier in 1972 as a result of fire hazards. This ban was viewed unfavourably despite the safety issues involved.

What is a Chinese opera float?

The float showcases unique elements of Chinese Opera – a form of performance art which tells audiences a story through singing and dance movements. There are four main roles – 生 Sheng (the male), 旦 Dan (the female), 净 Jing (the painted faces) and 丑 Chou (the jester).

What is the purpose of the 2019 Chingay?

The 2019 Chingay was purposed to commemorate Singapore’s Bicentennial such that understanding of the island nation’s history expanded beyond marking 200 years of Sir Stamford Raffles ‘ arrival on the shores of Singapore in 1819 to a beginning that was even earlier at 1299 when the Kingdom of Singapura (also known as Temasek) was established.