What is the safety saying for earthquakes?

What is the safety saying for earthquakes?

Don`t be lazy! Shake before it shakes!! Take care!!

How do you survive an earthquake?

Remember earthquake survival tips to Drop, Cover, and Hold On.

  1. Drop to the ground. Grab your emergency kit.
  2. Cover. Get under your dining room table or desk.
  3. Hold On. Stay inside and in place until shaking stops.

What must everybody do when an earthquake strikes?

Get under a desk or table and hang on to it (Drop, Cover, and Hold on!) or move into a hallway or against an inside wall. STAY CLEAR of windows, fireplaces, and heavy furniture or appliances. GET OUT of the kitchen, which is a dangerous place (things can fall on you).

What should I do during earthquake?

During an earthquake

  • Stay inside.
  • Drop under heavy furniture such as a table, desk, bed or any solid furniture.
  • Cover your head and torso to prevent being hit by falling objects.
  • Hold onto the object that you are under so that you remain covered.

What causes earthquakes kid friendly?

Most earthquakes are caused by changes in the Earth’s outermost shell, or crust. The crust is made up of about a dozen rock masses called plates that are constantly moving. In different places they move apart, collide, or slide past each other. Over time this movement causes great pressure to build up.

What is the safest thing to do during earthquake?

Create an earthquake safety plan.

  • Practice DROP,COVER,and HOLD ON with all members of your household.
  • Don’t rely on doorways for protection.
  • Pick safe places in each room of your home.
  • Create an emergency survival kit that provides you and your pets with three days of nonperishable food an
  • What are the 7 steps to earthquake safety?

    The Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety.

  • Secure Your Space.
  • Plan to be Safe.
  • Organize Disaster Supplies.
  • Minimize Financial Hardship.
  • Drop,Cover,and Hold On.
  • Improve Safety.
  • Reconnect and Restore.
  • What are some safety measures during an earthquake?

    Drop: Get down on your hands and knees to protect yourself from being knocked over. That also puts you in an ideal position to crawl for shelter.

  • Cover: Place an arm and hand over your head and neck to shield them from debris. Head for any nearby tables to shelter under until the shaking stops.
  • Hold: Stay put until the shaking stops.
  • What are the safety measures of an earthquake?

    Safety tips during an earthquake. Drop down to your knees. This way, the earthquake cannot knock you over. Take cover. Cover your head and neck with your arms or an object to protect you from debris or furniture falling during the earthquake. If possible, go to a wall near the center of the building or house you are in, take cover in a doorway