What is the strength of a quantitative research?

What is the strength of a quantitative research?

Quantitative studies provide data that can be expressed in numbers—thus, their name. Quantitative studies’ great strength is providing data that is descriptive—for example, allowing us to capture a snapshot of a user population—but we encounter difficulties when it comes to their interpretation

What is a good sample size percentage?


What are the major factors that influence determining a sample size?

Three factors are used in the sample size calculation and thus, determine the sample size for simple random samples. These factors are: 1) the margin of error, 2) the confidence level, and 3) the proportion (or percentage) of the sample that will chose a given answer to a survey question.

What are the steps of quantitative research?

The Steps of Quantitative Research

  1. Theory.
  2. Hypothesis.
  3. Research design.
  4. Operationalising concepts.
  5. selection of a research site or sites.
  6. Selection of respondents.
  7. Data collection.
  8. Processing data.

What are the factors that need to be considered in sample selection in a study?


  • the reasons for and objectives of sampling.
  • the relationship between accuracy and precision.
  • the reliability of estimates with varying sample size.
  • the determination of safe sample sizes for surveys.
  • the variability of data.
  • the nature of stratification and its impact on survey cost.

How do you determine the sample size for a dissertation?

You can use the formula to calculate a sample size for a confidence level of 99% and margin of error +/-1% (. 01), using the standard deviation suggestion of . 05. The sample size for the chosen parameters should be 16,641, which is a very large sample….How to Determine the Sample Size for Your Study.

Cl Z-value
99% 2.58

What are the methods of determining sample size?

There are two methods to determine sample size for variables that are polytomous or continuous. One method is to combine responses into two categories and then use a sample size based on proportion (Smith, 1983). The second method is to use the formula for the sample size for the mean.