What is the strongest conference in college football?

What is the strongest conference in college football?

The Big 12 Conference regains the top spot after a wildly successful bowl season. Notre Dame suffered two losses this season. Both of those losses came against schools that will play in the Big 12 Conference in the coming years. The Big 12 finished 3-0 against the SEC, outscoring them 97-34.

Why is the SEC better than other conferences?

For decades the SEC has went after and gotten the best coaches. The SEC sells the coaches to the fans like no other conference. The SEC has positioned their coaches to be celebrities because the players come and go every four years. But the coach stays with the program.

Is the SEC the strongest conference?

Based on the only barometer that should count — on-field results — the SEC is the best conference in college football. As a matter of fact, the SEC has a winning record against the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten and Pac-12.

Which football conference is the best?

No. 1: The Big Ten (11). The league has played more games against Power 5 opponents, with slightly better results, than the SEC. It also has played a slightly lower percentage of FCS opponents, played more true road games and won more of them.

Why is SEC better than big10?

The SEC has better quarterbacks, better skill players, better defensive linemen: This always plays out in the NFL Draft, too. And it will again this year in April. Even the ACC has better high-end quarterback prospects than the Big Ten. The Big Ten hasn’t had a quarterback taken in the first round since 1995.

Is SEC the best football conference?

Is the SEC the hardest conference?

When you look at the combination of offense, defense and strength of schedule, the SEC comes out on top—and it’s not even close. The difference is by nearly two points, and the SEC’s four individual year averages rank in the top six overall from all five conferences in the past four years.

Why the SEC is superior?

The SEC is by far the best conference in college football in terms of producing NFL talent. That’s neither hyperbole nor an opinion — it’s a fact. Going back a decade the conference has witnessed 512 players selected in the NFL Draft, 129 more than the ACC, which is second in that time span for most players drafted.

Who won the SEC Big 12 Challenge?

Winners from the Big 12 were No. 13 Texas Tech, No. 23 Iowa State, Texas and Texas Christian. After top-ranked Auburn defeated Oklahoma on Saturday, Tigers Coach Bruce Pearl explained the significance of winning the SEC/Big 12 Challenge. “This Challenge matters,” he said.

What is the Big 12 SEC Challenge?

The West Virginia Mountaineers (13-7) dropped their fifth straight game following the 77-68 loss to Arkansas (16-5) Saturday afternoon. West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins was forced to call a timeout in the first five minutes of action after Arkansas

What is the record for USC vs. the Big 12?

UCLA teams have won the second-most NCAA Division I-sanctioned team championships with 118 while USC has the third-most with 107. Only Stanford University, a fellow Pac-12 member also located in California, has more than either UCLA or USC, with 126. UCLA’s and USC’s flag.

What are the Big 12 teams?

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