What is the sword in Blue Exorcist?

What is the sword in Blue Exorcist?

Blue Exorcist – Rin’s “Kurikara” Katana (Battle Ready) Replica sword from the anime series Blue Exorcist. Kurikara is Rin Okumura’s demon slaying katana.

What kind of sword is Kurikara?

Kurikara is a katana that has blue wrapping around its hilt, a silver handguard unusual for a katana, a silver collar above the guard, and another one on the hilt, a green tassel attached to the hilt’s end. Its scabbard is lacquered colored blue with silver ornaments wrapped around it and a silver “Om” symbol on it.

How long is Tanjiro’s sword?


Available Colours Black
Overall Length 104cm
Blade Length 69cm
Blade Width 2.8cm
Blade Material Carbon Steel

What is a Fudo?

Fudo Myoo (the Immovable One) is one of the powerful deities known as the Five Bright Kings in Japanese Buddhism and folk religion. As a manifestation of the central cosmic Buddha Mahavairochana (Japanese: Dainichi), Fudo is believed to protect Buddhism and its true adherents.

What do Nichirin colors mean?

By raising the temperature of the blade, a Nichirin Sword will turn red. Bright Red Nichirin Swords hamper the regeneration of demons and in some cases even burn them on a cellular level, leaving wounds that are unable to heal.

Is the katana from Blue Exorcist any good?

The quality was really good on this katana, its the exact same sword as the kurikira from the anime blue exorcist but it has neon green string which is not in the anime its more of a darker green but other than that its really good.

Is this Rin’s Sword from Blue Exorcist?

This is a beautifully crafted replica of Kurikara, Rin’s Sword from Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist). Kurikara supresses Rin’s demon powers for the first 15 years of his life until his power becomes too strong, then he uses the sword to defeat his foes.

How big is the Blue Exorcist sword?

This sword is a must-have for any Blue Exorcist fan or collector! Specifications: Overall Length: 42″ Handle Length: 11.25 Inches Blade Length: 26.625 Inches. Blade Thickness: 4mm Video Player is loading.