What is the trapeziometacarpal joint?

What is the trapeziometacarpal joint?

The trapeziometacarpal joint is commonly referred to as an incongruous saddle joint. It makes possible the wide circumduction of the thumb, enabling activities such as grasping and pinching [2], that involves three arcs of motion: flexion–extension, abduction–adduc- tion, and pronation–supination.

What is trapeziometacarpal arthrodesis?

Abstract. Arthrodesis of the trapeziometacarpal (TMC) joint is one of the first surgical procedures used to treat thumb basal joint arthritis.

What is arthroplasty thumb surgery?

Thumb arthroplasty is a surgical procedure to treat arthritis affecting the joint at the base of the thumb. This surgery helps restore mobility and function to the thumb.

How long does it take to recover from thumb joint replacement surgery?

In a traditional thumb joint reconstruction, the surgeon removes the trapezium — the small bone that connects the thumb to the wrist — then harvests a piece of tendon from the patient and implants it between the thumb and wrist to serve as a spacer. Patients often need three months to fully recover.

Where is the trapeziometacarpal joint located?

The trapeziometacarpal joint is the articulation between the trapezium and the base of the first metacarpal bone. Along with the common carpometacarpal joint, it is one of the two joints of the hand whose function is to connect the distal surface of the carpus with the proximal surface of the metacarpus.

What is CMC joint arthroplasty?

One type of surgery is called a thumb carpometacarpal (CMC) joint arthroplasty. This surgery is done to relieve pain in your thumb and wrist and give you movement of the thumb. It is often done as an outpatient surgery.

Why does my trapezium hurt?

Basal joint arthritis is one injury that is common to the trapezium/first metacarpal joint. It causes pain at the base of the thumb, particularly during pinching or gripping. It also results in weakness when pinching. This joint appears to be particularly prone to wear and tear from normal use of the hand.