What is the weight of Ismb?

What is the weight of Ismb?

Beams ( Upto 500 mm )

Designation Weight per Mtr. in kg. Thickness of Flange (mm)
ISMB – 100 8.9 7.0
ISMB – 125 13.3 8.0
ISMB – 150 15.0 8.0
ISMB – 175 19.6 9.0

What is difference between Ismb and Ismc?

ISMB 200 Means Indian Standard medium weight beams of depth 200 mm. ISSC 200 Means Indian Standard Column Sections of depth 200 mm. ISMC 150 Means Indian Standard Medium weight Channels of depth 150 mm. ISMCP 200 means Indian standard medium weight parallel flange channels of depth of 200 mm.

How much weight can an I-beam support?

Allowable uniform loads.

Designation (Width x lbs/ft) Nominal Size – Depth x Width (inches x inches) Allowable Uniform Load (lb)
Span (ft)
W8 x 15 8 x 4 10500
W8 x 18 8 x 5 1/2 13500
W8 x 21 8 x 5 1/2 16200

How much do beams weigh?

“I”-Beam – Standard

Designation Depth in inches x weight Per Ft. Lbs Weight Per Ft. (Lbs.) Depth Section (inches)
50.0 15
518 x (18×6) 54.7 18
70.0 18
S20 x (20×6-1/4) 66.0 20

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