What is treasure castle in stronghold?

What is treasure castle in stronghold?

Treasure Castles – are AI castles which will randomly appear in a Parish. Unlike normal AI castles, Treasure castles do not send out attacks and will disappear once all treasure chests within the castle have been taken.

How do you get good at Stronghold Kingdoms?

How to Become Best Top Player in Stronghold Kingdoms

  1. The Power of Research for Stronghold Kingdoms.
  2. Pick Your Stronghold Kingdoms Build.
  3. All About Timing and Ranking Process.
  4. Optimize Your Stronghold Kingdoms Village.
  5. Trade, Trade, and Trade.
  6. Be Diplomatic and Win.
  7. Do Not Be Afraid to Lead.
  8. Farm Inactive Players.

How do I get more peasants in Stronghold Kingdoms?

How do I make more peasants? You can attract more peasants to your village by placing hovels. The closer to the village hall you place the hovel, the the greater the housing capacity will be, bringing more peasants into your village. You can also research housing to improve the capacity of each hovel.

Are strongholds important Lost Ark?

Almost every mobile game has a stronghold that you build with time gates to give you benefits and so on. I can understand that, but in my experience in those mobile games that’s the main function of the game. In Lost Ark its a passive thing you can do while you enjoy the plethora of other aspects.

How many villages can you own in Stronghold Kingdoms?

For the list of village types, please see the Village Table. TIP: Capitals are not included in the maximum number of villages; therefore it is possible to be an Alderman (12) and own two (2) villages, plus a parish capital.

How much gold do you get from a small safe Lost Ark?

Small Safe for 200 Tokens: Brings you 600 gold safely plus either a small gold bar worth 100 gold or a large gold bar worth 1,000 gold.

How do you get the platinum Field ticket in Lost Ark?

For the Platinum Fields, you need to find an item called Entrance Ticket: Platinum Field (Bound). You can find one of these as you do random Trade Skills, but you must be patient, as the drop rate is very low.