What is Uravakonda famous for?

What is Uravakonda famous for?

Uravakonda is one of the charming towns bounded by hilly region and the town is recognized for its weaving industry and the town is visited by thousands of tourists and devotees throughout the year and agriculture is the main form of living in Uravakonda.

Who is MLA of Uravakonda?

Members of Legislative Council from Uravakonda

Political party MLC Span
YSR Congress Party Yellareddy Gari Sivarama Reddy (2021-2027)
Telugu Desam Party Payyavula Keshav (2017-2019)
Indian National Congress Yellareddy Gari Sivarama Reddy

Who is mantralayam MLA?

Mantralayam Assembly constituency

Total electors 1,87,011
Reservation No
Member of Legislative Assembly
Current MLA Y. Balanagi Reddy

How many villages are there in Uravakonda?

Uravakonda is a Town and Mandal in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh state in India. Total number of villages in this Mandal is 22.

What is the Pincode of Uravakonda?

515812Uravakonda / Zip code

Who is Srisailam MLA?

Srisailam (Assembly constituency)

Reservation No
Member of Legislative Assembly
Current MLA Silpa Chakrapani Reddy
Party YSR Congress Party

Who is MLA of Adoni?

Reddy is the present MLA of the constituency, who won the 2019 Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly election from YSRCP Party….Adoni (Assembly constituency)

Party YSRCP Party
Elected year 1989

What is guntakal famous for?

The temple of Lord Anjaneya Swamy is among the most popular shrines in Guntakal. The Sri Venkateswara Temple is another important religious site known especially for its celebration of the Vaikunta Ekadasi festival. The Chippagiri temple is worth visiting for its beautiful granite stone structure.