What makes a house a plantation?

What makes a house a plantation?

A plantation house is the main house of a plantation, often a substantial farmhouse, which often serves as a symbol for the plantation as a whole.

What is a house on a plantation called?

Antebellum homes refer to the large, elegant mansions — usually plantation homes — built in the American South during the 30 years or so before the American Civil War (1861-1865). Antebellum means “before war” in Latin.

What style of homes were plantations?

Antebellum architecture is especially characterized by Georgian, Neo-classical, and Greek Revival style homes and mansions. These plantation houses were built in the southern American states during roughly the thirty years before the American Civil War; approximately between the 1830s to 1860s.

What states have plantation homes?

All of the Southern states had plantations, including what Matrana refers to as the Upper South: Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee. Many of the plantations you can visit today are located in the Deep South, including South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi.

Do plantations still exist in the US?

At the height of slavery, the National Humanities Center estimates that there were over 46,000 plantations stretching across the southern states. Now, for the hundreds whose gates remain open to tourists, lies a choice. Every plantation has its own story to tell, and its own way to tell it.

What states have plantations?

Where are plantation homes in Louisiana?

Where are the plantation homes in Louisiana? Louisiana Plantation Homes. These classic homes and gardens are located all over the state, with large concentrations along the Great River Road, across south and central Louisiana, and in “Plantation Country” between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

Where are the plantation homes in Georgia?

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What is a plantation style home?

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Where are the plantation houses in New Orleans?

– Destrehan Plantation. Just 20 miles outside of New Orleans , Destrehan Plantation dates to 1787 and is the oldest documented plantation in the Lower Mississippi Valley. – Laura Plantation. – Oak Alley Plantation. – Houmas House Estate and Gardens. – Evergreen Plantation. – Whitney Plantation. – St. – Frogmore Plantation and Gins.