What Mos is a medic in the Army?

What Mos is a medic in the Army?

The Army Combat Medic Specialist, MOS 68W, is an Army healthcare specialist qualified in emergency medical treatment and evacuation.

Is 68W a combat MOS?

The 68W Combat Medic Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) is the second largest in the Army. It has a rich history of combat operations with medics being awarded many medals of valor for bravery under fire (Congressional Medal of Honor Society, n.d.).

What are the 68 series MOS Army?

Preventive Medicine Specialist (MOS 68S) Therefore, the Army invests in a team of workers known as Preventive Medicine Specialists (MOS 68S). The type of medical specialist is responsible for conducting or assisting with preventive medicine procedures.

What is a 92A MOS in the Army?

MOS Description. The automated logistical specialist supervises and performs management or stock record/warehouse functions pertaining to receipt, storage, distribution, and issue and maintains equipment records and parts. For more information on MOS 92A , see this Army website.

Where do 68W go to basic?

Training and assignment. After the completion of Basic Combat Training (BCT), soldiers training for the MOS 68W ship to Fort Sam Houston, Texas for Advanced Individual Training (AIT).

Are 68W paramedics?

An Army 68W is typically qualified to become an EMT, paramedic, medical assistant or medication aide upon leaving the service, thanks to the training required to be a combat medic.

What is the best medical MOS in the Army?

Here’s a look at the best jobs in the military that transfer to civilian life: 1. Operating room specialist National average salary: $20,896 per year Primary duties: An operating room specialist is responsible for helping nursing staff prepare the operating room and patients for surgery.

What is the hardest MOS to get in the Army?

– territory reconnaissance (ambush, surveillance, interrogation of local residents, etc.); – interception of the principal radio signals or phone conversations; – extraction of necessary documents, exclusive data, etc.; – participation in military operations.

What is the best MOS as an army officer?

Earn a Bachelor of Science degree in an immersive military environment meant to build leaders of character

  • Receive a fully funded,four-year college education plus an annual stipend of$10,000+
  • Enter the Army as a distinguished member of the military community
  • Applicants must request nomination from a U.S. Congressman or Senator
  • What are the most popular MOS’ in the US Army?

    blackhawks26. Just wondering,which MOS’s tend to be the most/least competitive for cadets coming out of Army ROTC?

  • Jcleppe. Just wondering,which MOS’s tend to be the most/least competitive for cadets coming out of Army ROTC?
  • blackhawks26. Officers have branches rather then MOSs.
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