What product has imidacloprid in it?

What product has imidacloprid in it?

Admire Pro Systemic Imidacloprid 42.8% Insecticide 140oz Jug.

How long is imidacloprid active?

In soil under aerobic conditions, imidacloprid is persistent with a half-life of the order of 1–3 years. On the soil surface the half-life is 39 days.

Is imidacloprid biodegradable?

terreus YESM3 strain was capable of degrading 85% of imidacloprid 25 mg L-1 in Czapek Dox broth medium at pH 4 and 28°C for 6 days under static conditions. In addition, after 20 days of inoculation, biodegradation recorded 96.23% of 25 mg L-1 imidacloprid.

What is the half life of imidacloprid?

39 days
Imidacloprid has a photolysis half-life of 39 days at the soil surface, with a range of 26.5-229 days when incorporated into the soil. Persistence in soil allows for continual availability for uptake by plant roots.

How long does it take imidacloprid to break down?

The hydrolysis half-life of imidacloprid can range from 33–44 days at pH 7 and 25°C. The aqueous photolysis half-life is less than 3 hours. Imidacloprid has a photolysis half-life of 39 days at the soil surface, with a range of 26.5-229 days when incorporated into the soil.

Is imidacloprid a carcinogen?

Imidacloprid is not mutagenic or carcinogenic. Furthermore, it is not a primary embryotoxicant or a reproductive toxicant, nor is it teratogenic. Due to its high insecticidal potency and relatively low mammalian toxicity, imidacloprid has a very high margin of safety.

Is imidacloprid volatile?

Imidacloprid is used for controlling sucking insects, soil insects, termites, and some chewing insects. It is applied to seeds, soil, crops, and structures, and is used as a topical flea control treatment on domestic pets. mmHg indicates that this insecticide is nonvolatile. volatility from water.

How is bacterial degradation of imidacloprid confirmed?

Bacterial degradation of imidacloprid is confirmed by the observable differences between the peak patterns of control (MSM media + imidacloprid) and metabolite samples (MSM + imidacloprid + bacterial inoculum) after the sixth day of degradation.

How is imidacloprid metabolized?

Imidacloprid may also be metabolized by hydroxylation of the imidazolidine ring in the second major pathway. 20,39 Metabolic products from the second pathway include 5-hydroxy and olefin derivatives. 40

Does imidacloprid have any persistent neurotoxic effects?

Neither persistent neurotoxic effects nor effects with a delayed onset have been reported for imidacloprid. 21

What is the half life of imidacloprid in soil?

Soil half-life for imidacloprid ranged from 40 days in unamended soil to up to 124 days for soil recently amended with organic fertilizers. 44 See the text box on Half-life. Researchers incubated three sandy loams and a silt loam in darkness following application of [ 14 C- methylene ]-imidacloprid for a year.