What states have Prairie Farms milk?

What states have Prairie Farms milk?

Prairie Farms Dairy is a dairy cooperative founded in Carlinville, Illinois, and now headquartered in Edwardsville, Illinois, a suburb of St….Prairie Farms Dairy.

Type Agricultural marketing cooperative
Headquarters 3744 Staunton Road, Edwardsville, Illinois, United States
Area served Midwest and Mid-South

Does Walmart sell Prairie Farms products?

Prairie Farms Dairy Prairie Farms Milk, 16 oz – Walmart.com.

Is Prairie Farms still in business?

Prairie Farms Dairy was founded in Carlinville in 1938 and currently has headquarters in Edwardsville. Elements of the cooperative include more than 700 farm families, 8,100 employees, 50 manufacturing plants, more than 100 distribution facilities and annual sales of more than $3 billion.

Who bought Prairie Farms?

Ed Mullins of Prairie Farms. Prairie Farms’ pending merger with Iowa-based Swiss Valley Farms has been approved by members of both dairy cooperatives, the company announced recently.

What company owns Prairie Farms Dairy?

Prairie Farms Dairy purchases part of Dean Foods.

Why is Prairie Farms milk so good?

Prairie Farms Whole Milk is also perfect for baking and cooking. Before leaving our family farms, Prairie Farms milk goes through strict quality control measures to guarantee freshness and is always free from artificial growth hormones and antibiotics.

Does Kroger sell Prairie Farms milk?

Prairie Farms Whole Milk, 32 fl oz – Kroger.

Where does Kroger brand milk come from?

Natural Prairie Dairy
Kroger is known to have purchased milk from Natural Prairie Dairy, one of the largest “organic” dairies in the country.

Is Prairie Farms Dairy closing?

The Illinois-based dairy cooperative, Prairie Farms, has announced that they will be closing their plant in Homeward, Ala., at the end of the month. The cooperative will also close seven other facilities in Alabama as well as four operations in Georgia. Currently, it remains unknown as to why these plants are closing.

What happened to Prairie Farms?

Prairie Farms will be shutting down its Marietta plant effective December 31st, with United Dairy officially taking over operations on January 1st.

Did Prairie Farms get bought out?

OHIO (WTRF) – United Dairy based out of Martins Ferry has agreed to purchase Prairie Farms. Prairie Farms will be shutting down its Marietta plant effective December 31st, with United Dairy officially taking over operations on January 1st.

Is Prairie Farms milk healthy?

Milk provides a wide variety of nutrients, including protein, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and B vitamins.

Where to buy Prairie Farms milk?

Shop for Prairie Farms Dairy at Walmart.com. Save money. Live better.

Where is Prairie Farms milk produced?

Southern Belle Dairy Company,LLC

  • Luvel Dairy Products,Inc.
  • Ice Cream Specialties,Inc.
  • Turner Dairy Holdings,LLC
  • Hiland Dairy Galvan Foods Company
  • Roberts Dairy Company
  • Hiland-Roberts Ice Cream Company
  • Muller-Pinehurst Dairy,Inc.
  • Madison Farms Butter Company
  • Coleman Dairy
  • Who sells Prairie Farms products?

    The last stop in the connected food system journey is a grocery store shelf near you. Be sure to check in to see what new products might be showing up at your store. Ask your store manager if you don’t see Prairie Fresh in your meat case. Denver and Seattle locations. Denver and Seattle locations.

    Who carries Prairie Farms product?

    With headquarters in Edwardsville, Ill., the Prairie Farms distribution footprint covers over 30 percent of the United States; products are available in grocery chains, mass merchandiser stores, club stores, convenience stores, dollar stores, drug stores, schools, foodservice outlets and warehouse distribution centers.