What superhero has the saddest story?

What superhero has the saddest story?

There are several sad marvel heroes as well as those from other stories, but these five make the most impression on us.

  • Green Arrow. Oliver Queen is the son of a shady business tycoon, Robert Queen, who starts his reign as Green Arrow in a revenge mission.
  • Batman.
  • Wolverine.
  • Spiderman.
  • Spawn.

Who has the saddest backstory in comics?

Top 10 Comicbook Characters with Tragic Backstories

  1. #1: Magneto. Discrimination is something this mutant has become all too familiar with.
  2. #2: Mr. Freeze.
  3. #3: The Punisher. There’s a thin line between a hero and this ex-Marine Corps vigilante.
  4. #4: Batman.
  5. #5: Daredevil.
  6. #6: The Crow.
  7. #7: Spider-Man.
  8. #8: Martian Manhunter.

Who is the saddest Marvel character?

Rocket Raccoon’s Unseen Backstory Makes Him The MCU’s Most Tragic Character. Rocket Raccoon’s unseen MCU backstory as an anthropomorphic caretaker may be the most tragic backstory in the entire Marvel cast of characters.

Who is the strongest woman in Marvel?

Throughout their comic book history, the women in the Marvel Universe have evolved in amazing ways.

  • Jean Grey is one of the most important X-Men and one of the team’s most powerful members.
  • Scarlet Witch is the most powerful woman on Earth – there’s pretty much no denying that.

Who has the saddest backstory Marvel?

10 Most Tragic Backstories Of MCU Characters, Ranked

  • 8 Nebula.
  • 7 Drax The Destroyer.
  • 6 Janet Van Dyne.
  • 5 Valkyrie.
  • 4 Tony Stark.
  • 3 Doctor Strange.
  • 2 Scarlet Witch.
  • 1 Black Widow.

Who Is the Loneliest superhero?

5 Rorschach Of all the reclusive figures on this list, Rorschach is arguably the loneliest. After all, he’s got no family or friends in his civilian life, while almost all of Watchmen’s wider superhero fraternity has written him off as a creepy nutjob.

What is an example of a tragic hero?

Shakespeare created many notable tragic heroes: Hamlet, Macbeth, King Lear, and Othello, to name a few. Let’s analyze a modern and a classic tragic hero as examples: In Star Wars, Anakin Skywalker’s fear of losing his loved ones drives him to join the Dark Side, embracing evil powers in a twisted attempt to save them.

Who are the female superheroes in comics?

Female superheroes list: 1 Aquagirl (DC Comics) 2 Atom Eve (Image Comics) 3 Blonde Phantom (Marvel Comics) 4 Bumblebee (DC Comics) 5 Cyclone (DC Comics) 6 Dagger (Marvel Comics) 7 Darkstar (Marvel Comics) 8 Devi (Virgin Comics) 9 Domino (Marvel Comics) 10 Elastic-Girl (DC Comics)

What are women’s comic book roles?

For years, women were largely relegated to one of three roles in comic books: the victim, the blonde bombshell, or the villain. That being said, there are a few characters who managed to transcend the litany of backwards, female-centric comic book tropes.

What are some of the most popular female Marvel characters?

83. Namora 84. Raven 85. Rose Wilson 86. Phantom Lady 87. Wasp 88. Huntress (Bertinelli) 89. Blonde Phantom 90. Emerald Empress 91. Thundra 92. Hawkgirl 93. Vicki Vale

Who was the first superheroine in comics?

Phantom Lady, published by Quality Comics all the way back in August of 1941, is largely credited with being the first successful superheroine in comics. The book starred Sandra Knight, wealthy daughter of a U.S. Senator, and followed her adventures as a costumed crime-fighter.