What TFO rod replaces BVK?

What TFO rod replaces BVK?

TFO LK Legacy series fly rods
The new TFO LK Legacy series fly rods replaces the BVK in paying homage to TFO’s founding rod designer Lefty Kreh. The manufacturer describes the LK Legacy as “the ultimate “big water” trout rod for intermediate to advanced anglers” and “powerful & responsive with perfect tracking and crisp, smooth recovery.”

Where are TFO fly reels made?

South Korea
We’re proud of the fact that all Temple Fork Outfitters fly rods and conventional rods are handcrafted in South Korea. The manufacturing facility is controlled by TFO and the facility manufactures TFO products exclusively.

What is a two handed fly rod?

Two-Handed Rods are used primarily in rivers with moving water to pursue Trout, Bass, Steelhead, and Salmon. Originating in Scotland on the Spey River, two-handed rods are commonly referred to in the United States as Spey rods. A shorter variant is called a Switch Rod.

Who owns TFO?

Rick Pope
Rick Pope, Founder and Chairman of TFO said, “Jason epitomizes a life-long commitment to sharing his vast knowledge welcoming new anglers to this great sport, while captivating us with his deep insights of trout behavior.”

Does Gary Loomis make TFO rods?

TFO has had the same factory from inception. It has made all our rods for our 21 years in the industry. Industry icons and TFO designers Gary Loomis and the late Lefty Kreh both acknowledged that our engineer, B.J.

Where can I practice spey casting?

A Nearby Park. A nearby park can be a great place to practice if you are able to go on a weekday when there are less people around and more room to cast. Again, be sure to remove your fly and replace it with ribbon or yarn while you practice in a large open field at the park.

How does TFO warranty work?

Parts & Services All TFO products purchased from us or an an authorized dealer have a no-fault lifetime warranty that covers manufacturing defects. Being a registered rod owner is the first step to getting your rod repaired should you experience a failure.

Who designs TFO rods?

Industry icons and TFO designers Gary Loomis and the late Lefty Kreh both acknowledged that our engineer, B.J. Im, is “the finest rod engineer they ever worked with.” B.J.’s production and design oversight is crucial to our success.

Can I practice spey casting on grass?

For those getting started with spey casting and really for just about everyone for that matter, it is a very good idea to practice spey casting on the grass or turf.

Do TFO rods have a lifetime warranty?

TFO has offered the same no-fault lifetime warranty on all its fishing rods since being founded in 1995. Today, the warranty program is a core part of our business and an area that we’re constantly working to improve, so that it represents another value-based reason to be a TFO angler.