What transmission goes with a Ford 302?

What transmission goes with a Ford 302?

What Transmission Goes With A Ford 302? Among many Ford products, the Ford C-4 automatic can be relied upon for reliable three-speed control, particularly for 289, 302, and 351 engines.

Did Ford make a 4 speed automatic?

The AOD (automatic overdrive) is a four-speed automatic transmission, with the 4th gear as overdrive. Introduced in 1980, it was Ford’s first four-speed automatic overdrive transmission. The gearset design is based on the Ford “X” automatic transmissions used during the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s.

Will a 4R70W fit a 302?

Bronco Guru. Loc. – A 4R70W or AODE from behind any 5.0 (302) or V6 3.8L Mustang or V6 4.2L F150 will bolt up/work behind any 289/302/5.0/351W/351C/5.8L.

Will a 302 transmission fit a 351?

A 302 and a 351 are almost interchangeable. All sorts of parts, such as heads, cam, lifters, timing chains, timing chain covers, water pumps, engine mounts, and so on, are included. In bellhousing bolt patterns, all trannies bolt to a 302, so 351 is the same as 302.

Will a 5.0 bolt up to a 4R70W?

As far as fitting a trans goes, the 4R70W that runs behind the 4.6 will not bolt up to a 5.0 because it has a different bellhousing bolt battern. You’ll need a trans from another 5.0 car, or a 3.8 V6 car.

What year Mustang had the 4R70W transmission?

1985 to 1993 from behind a V8. A 4R70W (not an AODE) 1996 or newer. You can use a 1995 but you’ll want to put a 1996 valve body on it.

How do you install distributor on a Ford 302?

Worn or excessive play in the timing belt or chain

  • Leaking o-ring at the base of the distributor
  • High resistance in the spark plug wires or spark plugs
  • Worn Distributor cap,rotor,or other worn ignition components.
  • How much fuel pressure does a Ford 302 need?

    The stock pumps work just fine. As with any pump, max pressure is at zero flow and at maximum flow the pressure will be zero. Ford doesn’t give us any other spec to measure so its difficult to determine if the flow would be sufficient at max demand. However, keep in mind that 3 pints a minute is 22.5 gallons per hour.

    What transmission fits a 302?

    302 / 350 HP 5 Speed Standard Tranny PKG. Great for Cobras, Muscle Cars or Hot Rods. This engine has a Responsive throttle with Just the right amount of classic Thump Idle sound. Includes Billet Pulleys and Alternator. T5z 5 Speed Transmission Kit with Clutch, fork and Starter. Will Replace most early and later model Small Block Ford Engines.

    Are all Ford 302 distributors the same?

    the oil pump shaft is different , however the cam gears are the same . A common swap is to put the 351w cam in the 302 and change the firing order to the 351w or 5.0 HO . the oil pump shaft is different , however the cam gears are the same .