What views can you see from the London Eye?

What views can you see from the London Eye?

What can you see from London Eye? When the weather is good, according to the official London Eye, the visibility is up to 40 km. You will see most of London landmarks: the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Shard, the river Thames of course, Buckingham Palace, The Tower and The Tower Bridge, St.

Is London Eye worth going?

Is the London Eye worth the views? The simple answer is yes. This is London’s equivalent to the Eiffel Tower and there’s no denying that London has one of the most impressive skylines in the world. On a clear day you can see as far as Windsor Castle, over 20 miles away!

What’s so special about the London Eye?

A London Icon: The London Eye has quickly reached an iconic status and is regularly used in PR across the world to symbolize modern London. Gracefully hanging over the river Thames, the London Eye is a feat of design and engineering, the first of its kind and the only cantilevered observation wheel in the world.

Can you go inside Big Ben?

Inside Big Ben and how to visit The Elizabeth Tower is currently closed for refurbishment, with no public tours available. You can still join a talk on the Elizabeth Tower or take a tour of the Houses of Parliament next to The Elizabeth Tower.

How far can you see from top of the London Eye?

25 miles
Capsule with a view And speaking of royals: On a clear day, you can see about 40 km (25 miles) from the top of the London Eye – that is as far as Windsor Castle in the far outskirts of the city.

Can you see Tower Bridge from London Eye?

London Eye – what can I see? You will see the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Elizabeth Clock Tower (Big Ben), Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s, The Tate Museum, Tower Bridge, The Shard, not to mention the longest and most intricately styled stretches of the famous Thames River.

Is the London Eye worth it at night?

London Eye Day or Night The best time to do the London Eye is on a clear day. That sounds obvious, but it’s important because it’s not really worth a ride on a cloudy or rainy day unless you just particularly like riding large Ferris wheels over rivers.

Can you see any football stadiums from the London Eye?

Through the Barbican towers you can see the home of great football, the Arsenal Emirates Stadium. Southwark Cathedral through a window.