What was the point of the boat scene in The Dark Knight?

What was the point of the boat scene in The Dark Knight?

The Joker assumes it’s inevitable that one of the boats will blow up the other, because he believes that most people are like him: only out for themselves. Instead, the boat sequence steers the nihilistic story of The Dark Knight toward a somewhat happy ending.

What are the main themes in The Dark Knight?

The Dark Knight Themes

  • Justice versus Corruption. Batman is primarily concerned with seeing justice done.
  • Bearing the Burden. At the end of the film, Batman must decide to take the fall for Harvey Dent’s murderous actions as Two-Face.
  • Loss of Love.
  • Chaos and Destruction.
  • Human Nature is Essentially Good.
  • A Normal Life.
  • Chance.

What were the ferries for in the Dark Knight?

Near the end of movie, the Joker rigs two full passenger ferries to explode at midnight and tells the passengers that if they try to escape the ferries, the bombs will detonate. Each ferry is given itself a chance to save itself by hitting a detonator button attached to the explosives on the other ferry.

What was Joker trying to prove?

The Joker was a disciple of chaos, and wanted to prove that anyone – especially Batman, disciple of law – were as ready to abandon law and morality as he had already done. He had the robbers progressively executing each other in the opening scene. He forced Batman to choose between Harvey Dent and his girlfriend.

Where was the Dark Knight ferry scene filmed?

It’s no surprise then that the Staten Island Ferry has appeared in many New York-based films. Sometimes, the ferries provide the setting for a key scene, sometimes they make brief cameos as part of the city’s backdrop, sometimes they’re the focus of the movie.

What is the message behind the Dark Knight?

The Dark Knight, and the bulk of Christopher Nolan’s filmography, is about lies. It’s about the lies we tell ourselves in order to live and to interact with other people. For Nolan, he sees deception not as an inherently malevolent destructive force, but as a tool.

Why is Chicago called Gotham City?

Director Christopher Nolan has stated that Chicago inspired his portrayal of Gotham, and the majority of both Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008) were filmed there. However, Christopher Nolan’s Gotham City was deliberately set in New Jersey to honor Gotham’s location in the comic books.