What year was Blake Griffin first dunk contest?

What year was Blake Griffin first dunk contest?

And it all begins with that fateful dunk contest. The 2011 dunk contest was controversial before it even began. An hour before the start of the program, the NBA sent out a press release that preemptively identified Griffin as the winner. That immediately caused a stir among those following the contest.

Who was the first person to win a dunk contest?

The Dunk Contest has provided with plenty of classic moments during its history. The NBA’s first dunk contest occurred in 1976-77, but the format was a season-long event. It became a stand-alone event during All-Star Weekend in 1984, and Larry Nance was the first ever winner in this format.

Who jumped over a car in the dunk contest?

Blake Griffin
Remember when Blake Griffin jumped over (the hood of) a Kia car in the dunk contest? Griffin’s foray into the dunk contest was one of the most highly anticipated in history, and instead wound up as a hyper-commercialized (literally) stunt.

Who won the 2010 dunk contest?

Nate Robinson
Nate Robinson won the 2010 contest on February 13 in Dallas, becoming the first 3-time Slam Dunk champion. Robinson took on Shannon Brown of the Los Angeles Lakers, Gerald Wallace of the Charlotte Bobcats, and DeMar DeRozan of the Toronto Raptors.

When did Blake Griffin win the slam dunk contest?

Griffin actually won the 2011 dunk contest during his rookie season. Griffin’s first dunk ignited the crowd. The 360 slam earned him a score of 49. His second dunk wasn’t as impressive.

When was Blake Griffin’s last dunk contest?

The six-time All-Star is a former Slam Dunk Contest winner, after all. But with the COVID-19 pandemic cutting last season short, and the Detroit Pistons not being invited into the NBA bubble, Griffin’s last dunk actually came on Dec. 12, 2019.

What happened to Blake Griffin in the NBA?

The 32-year-old, who spent the last three seasons with the Pistons, agreed to a buyout with Detroit earlier this month and quickly signed with the Nets. As it’s been more than a month since he actually played in a game, however, Griffin knew he wasn’t going to see much action on Sunday night.

Should Blake Griffin rush into things in Brooklyn?

With the Nets in the position they are — just one game out of first place in the Eastern Conference — Griffin knows there isn’t any need for him to rush into things in Brooklyn. He sounds, at least for now, more than content to take his time.

What NBA player dunked with James Harden?

Blake Griffin of the Brooklyn Nets celebrates his dunk with James Harden against the Washington Wizards at Barclays Center on March 21, 2021, in New York City. (Mike Stobe/Getty Images)