Where are striped bass biting?

Where are striped bass biting?

California’s main areas that hold anadromous stripers are the San Francisco Bay and the Sacramento and San Joaquin River Delta and river systems. In the striper world, anadromous fish are the big guys.

Are the stripers running in the Hudson?

The striped bass fishing season on the Hudson and tributaries north of the George Washington Bridge begins April 1 and lasts until Nov. 30. Prime time, though, is usually early or mid-April to mid-May, around Mother’s Day – and sometimes , depending on the weather into early June.

Are striped bass running in NJ?

The season for stripers in NJ is March 1 through December 31. For recreational striper fishing in NJ, the regulations allow for one fish measuring between 28 and less than 43 inches and one fish 43 inches or greater.

What is the best tide to catch stripers?

During the early and late season when the water temperatures are on the cool side (50 degrees and less), the outgoing tide will be the preferred tide. This is because the lower water temperature will cause the striper’s metabolism to be sluggish and the bass will not feed as often or travel as far for a meal.

Are stripers running in NJ yet?

Are the stripers running in NJ?

The season for stripers in NJ is March 1 through December 31.

What tide is best for striper fishing?

Some of the best fishing will be when the incoming tide occurs after dark. Anglers will want to start fishing just after the tide turns and starts coming in just off the channel edges and gradually work into shallow water.

How far up the Hudson River do stripers go?

The stripers end up traveling up the river as far as the Albany area, stopping at the Federal Dam in Troy. Most striped bass anglers fish with spinning or bait casting rigs, using heavy test line – usually, 20- to 30-pound test line, or even braid line as heavy as 65-pound test.

Where are the stripers on the Hudson River?

The section of river from the Tappan Zee bridge to Kingston is very popular with striped bass fishermen. The deep channel around the Bear Mountain Bridge, the deep water off of West Point, Newburg, Croton, and Haverstra Bay are spots often recommended. Many charters work the river all the way up to Albany.

Is it time to catch striped bass at the Jersey Shore?

Of course, come March 1 it’s time for outback stripers once again, west of the COLREGS, when targeting and catching striped bass at the Jersey Shore is allowed throughout the Garden State.

Where are the striped bass fishing in the Hudson River?

The Hudson River is hosting large striped bass as the spawn is underway. The weather hampered fishing efforts along the island this week, but there were more larger stripers mixing in with the schoolies. Fishing on the eastern end of the island is still on the slow side.

Is southern New Jersey fishing good?

Southern New Jersey Fishing Report – December 23, 2021 Fishing is still going pretty strong with good numbers and sizes of blackfish being landed from southern New Jersey and the week following the Christmas holiday looks promising in terms of calm seas. by Captain Brett Taylor Forecasts Southern New Jersey Fishing Report – December 16, 2021

Can you fish the Upper Bay for striped bass in 2022?

Upper Bay anglers need to remember that they can only fish for striped bass below the Brewerton Channel. The 2022 striped bass regulations are on the DNR website. The minimum size for fish to be kept is 35 inches, with a limit of one fish per angler per day.