Where is HMS Ganges now?

Where is HMS Ganges now?

Ganges at Harwich Despite these developments, it was decided to move Ganges again, this time to Shotley, in Suffolk. Work had already begun there on new Royal Naval Sick Quarters.

Is HMS Ganges mast still there?

Ganges closed in 1976 and the mast afterwards fell into disuse, though it is a grade II listed structure.

When did HMS Ganges open?

HMS Ganges was an 84-gun second-rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy, launched on 10 November 1821 at Bombay Dockyard, constructed from teak. She was the last sailing ship of the Navy to serve as a flagship, and was the second ship to bear the name.

What is a button boy?

One of the wonderful things about working here is being bombarded with questions that wrack the brain and start an ongoing research relationship with the chosen topic. Such are the Button Boys – the daredevils of the mast displays carried out by naval training establishments.

What happened HMS Mercury?

HMS Mercury (1934) was a paddle steamer requisition during World War II for use as an auxiliary minesweeper which struck a mine and sank in 1940. HMS Mercury (shore establishment) was a Royal Naval Communications/Signal School located at the site of Leydene House near Petersfield, England.

Who was the last button boy?

Junior Seaman Alan Ferguson
The mast is 143 feet high. On top of the mast is Junior Seaman Alan Ferguson who was the last ‘Button Boy’ to perform the feat at HMS GANGES.

What is the HMS Ganges?

Bill Jordan, the New Zealand High Commissioner, with a group of New Zealand sailors in front of the masthead and figurehead of HMS Ganges. HMS Ganges was a training ship and later stone frigate of the Royal Navy.

How many boys were in HMS Ganges II?

Gunnery and ammunition training previously held in HMS Ganges II moves ashore into R.N.T.E. Complement now 1,800 boys. NB: Between 300 – 400 boys were always accommodated in HMS Ganges II afloat.

Was there ever a ditty box at HMS Ganges?

Church built on the site of the old swimming bath. Attache cases issued, Ditty Boxes phased out along with blue bundle handkerchiefs. Reg Fisk wins contract to become the first official photographer at HMS Ganges. Reg all too soon to be called up in 1940 to serve as a photographer in the R.A.F.