Which direction should I face when playing cards?

Which direction should I face when playing cards?

Most regions have a traditional direction of play, such as:

  • Counterclockwise in most of Asia and in Latin America.
  • Clockwise in North America and Australia.

Which direction entry is best for house?

As per Vastu, northeast is the most suitable direction for a house’s entrance. For the bedroom, it is southwest, and for the kitchen, it is southeast. For the pooja room, it is the northeast corner of the house.

Which scenery is lucky for home?

The vastu painting showing the scenic view of river, flowing water or goldfish on the wall brings good luck and wealth to your home and life. The larger the painting, the more energy it will attract.

What can be kept in south-east corner?

The south east corner of the home in Vastu shastra is regarded as the place of Lord Shukra or the fire god….Place a copper sun on the wall.

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What do you hang on a main door?

Decorate the main door with divine symbols like, Om, swastika, cross, etc., and put rangolis on the floor, as they are considered auspicious and invite good fortune. According to Feng Shui, hang 3 old Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon on the door handle, from inside, for good luck .

How do you store salt at home?

Salt for absorbing negative energy Keep a bowl of sea salt in every corner of your house to absorb all the negative energy. Also, you could keep sea salt rocks in the corners of your home.

What should be kept in south west corner?

Valuable things like jewellery, money boxes and other important financial documents and papers should be kept at the south west corner. This is generally advised as anything that is placed in this direction tends to multiply which is actually a sign of prosperity.