Which district is Miraj?

Which district is Miraj?

District Sangli
Miraj | District Sangli, Government of Maharashtra | India.

Is Sangli and Miraj same?

The Sangli Miraj Kupwad Municipal Corporation was created on 28 February 1998 by the merger of the previously separate municipal councils of Sangli, Miraj and Kupwad. Sangli had been the district administrative centre and Miraj and Kupwad were small towns located within 10-km distance from Sangli.

How many villages are there in Miraj Taluka?

Miraj is a Town and Taluka in Sangli district of Maharashtra state in India. Total number of villages in this Taluka is 68.

Why is Sangli famous for?

Sangli is known for its turmeric trade, grapes and the largest number of sugar factories in India. The only district has more than 30 sugar factories. Sangli Miraj Kupwad, along with its Urban Agglomeration together known as Sangli Miraj Kupwad Metropolitan Region (SMKMR).

Where did Miraj take place?

Isra and Mi’raj, also known as Al Isra’ wal Miraj, is observed on the 27th day of the month of Rajab, the seventh month in the Islamic calendar. This event marks the night that Allah (God) took Mohammad (also known as Mohamed or Muhammed) on a journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and then to heaven.

What is the area of Kolhapur district?

2,970 mi²Kolhapur / Area

Is Miraj rural or urban?

Urban/Rural Population – Miraj Taluka Thus around 61.9% of total population of Miraj Taluka lives in Urban areas while 38.1% lives under Rural areas.

What is the Pincode of Miraj?

Miraj/Zip codes

What is special in Satara?

Satara is famous for the Kaas Plateau, Thoseghar, and a lot of natural sites present in the vicinity of the city. Kass Plateau has been awarded as a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site (WHS). In the monsoon months, the Kaas Pathar, as it is locally known, transforms into a wildflower wonderland.

Where is Miraj located in Maharashtra?

Miraj is a Tehsil / Block (CD) in the Sangli District of Maharashtra. According to Census 2011 information the sub-district code of Miraj block is 04302. Total area of Miraj is 918 km² including 786.72 km² rural area and 131.47 km² urban area.

What is the population of Miraj in Kolkata?

Total area of Miraj is 918 km² including 786.72 km² rural area and 131.47 km² urban area. Miraj has a population of 8,54,581 peoples. There are 1,85,372 houses in the sub-district. There are about 67 villages in Miraj block, which you can browse from villages list below.

What was the population of Miraj Senior and Miraj Junior?

In 1820, the state of Miraj was divided into Miraj Senior and Miraj Junior. The territory of both regions was distributed among other native states and British districts. The area of Miraj Senior was 339 square miles (880 km 2 ). In 1901, its population was 81, 467.

What is Miraj Junction railway station famous for?

Miraj Junction railway station is an important junction on the Central Railway. It was the only junction to have all three rail gauges – broad gauge, narrow gauge and metre gauge. The last narrow gauge train departed on 1 November 2008.