Which member of Kiss sang I Was Made For Loving You?

Which member of Kiss sang I Was Made For Loving You?

Gene Simmons says he hates playing Kiss classic I Was Made For Loving You… all because of its signature melody. The Kiss star was a guest of OK Magazine when he was asked to name a Kiss song he didn’t like but one that still went on to become a hit.

What year Kiss I Was Made For Loving You?

1979I Was Made for Lovin’ You / Released

What movie was Kiss I Was Made For Loving You In?

Endless Love
The song is featured in a scene from the 1981 film Endless Love.

Did Kiss do a disco song?

It was the first Kiss single to have a disco remix, as a 7-minute and 54-second version was released on a 12-inch single. He also sang on “Sure Know Something” and “Magic Touch”.

Is Gene Simmons sexist?

He stated that women only care about men’s money and fame without feeling the love. He also said that women constantly demand everything from men. In his interview, Simmons emphasized that he stood his every word about women even though people would define him as sexist and misogynist.

Who originally sang Kiss?

Hot 100 Chart Position: Number 31 Prince’s 1986 bluesy stomper “Kiss” has a long lineage. He originally wrote it for bass player Brown Mark’s band Mazarati, but – just as Bruce Springsteen did with “Hungry Heart” when he wrote it for the Ramones – Prince stole it back for 1986’s Parade, and the song went to Number One.

When did KISS break up?

Despite a half-decade run as one of rock’s most popular bands, Kiss were coming apart at the seams in December 1979 as a result of interpersonal issues.

Who wrote Kiss sung by Tom Jones?

PrinceKiss / Lyricist

Who is the most popular KISS member?

Who will you find on this best Kiss members ranked list? Of course, Gene Simmons, known by his stage persona The Demon, has been known to thrill fans with his bass licks, infectious vocals, and out of this world pyrotechnics.