Who are SLM Ltd?

Who are SLM Ltd?

Sports and Leisure Management (SLM) is a leading leisure management company operating employing over 6000 colleagues across 94 leisure facilities, working with over 40 different local authority partners. SLM works exclusively in partnership with local authorities managing sports, leisure and healthy living services.

Who is everyone active owned by?

Sports and Leisure Management Ltd
Part of Sports and Leisure Management Ltd, we are the longest-established leisure contractor in the UK, having been founded in 1987.

How many members does everyone active have?

It provides sports and leisure services to approximately 2.7million members and caters for 3.2million visitors each month.

How many Everyone Active gyms are there in the UK?

200 centres
With an Everyone Active membership, you have access to over 200 centres offering a wide range of top-class facilities, activities and classes.

What is SLM on my bank statement?

Another abbreviation alongside SLM Ltd income on bank statements that may cause confusion is DGS/RPP. This refers to Domestic & General Services/ Regular Payment Plan. SLM Ltd provides aftercare such as maintenance and support for domestic appliances such as boilers, TVs and washing machines.

What is SLM direct debit?

A monthly direct debit will be set up with your bank. The payment will come out of your bank on the 1st working day of each month. Members paying by monthly direct debit will also pay a pro rata payment and a month in advance.

Is Everyone Active a charity?

SLM Community Leisure Charitable Trust is a subsidiary of Sports and Leisure Management Ltd and focuses on ensuring sporting activities are available for everyone to enjoy. Formed in 1987, Sports and Leisure Management has since become one of the country’s largest leisure providers.

Is Everyone Active owned by council?

Local council announces new management of leisure facilities. Sports and leisure operator, Everyone Active, has officially taken over the management of Somerset West and Taunton (SWT) Council’s leisure facilities today (1st August 2019).

How do I freeze everyone active membership?

To activate this benefit, please request a suspension of your membership from our website, Freeze My Membership Request before 20th of the month to be effective the 1st of the following month, as you will need to agree to the term of the freeze.

What is SLM Ltd income direct debit?

The abbreviation SLMLtd Income AC relates to Everyone Health or Everyone Active which are both divisions of the company. The company aims to improve the health of communities through a holistic approach; it also owns gyms, leisure centres and swimming pools.