Who built a car for Shaq?

Who built a car for Shaq?

The kit itself only costs around $11,000, though Shaq hired Supercraft Custom Crafted Cars to further refine the project for his needs.

How much did Shaq’s Jeep cost?

Jeep Wrangler – $35,000 The Jeep Wrangler did not need any major adjustments to fit Shaq comfortably, although it is only a 2-door model to allow for maximum legroom. Other than the 2-door adjustment (which certainly looks cool), Shaq’s vehicle looks relatively normal to other models of this kind.

Does Shaq own a Lambo?

16 Extended His Lamborghini & Ferrari That wasn’t stopping Shaq, however. The big man made it a purpose to fit inside both a Lambo and a Ferrari. He extended a Lamborghini to fit his massive frame. Visually, his Lambo looks a lot longer and thicker than it should.

Does Shaq have a challenger?

Shaquille O’Neal’s turning 50 this weekend, but he ain’t slowing down in fact, the NBA legend’s literally getting faster after getting a brand new, customized Dodge Charger Hellcat for his big day.

Does Shaq own a hellcat?

Shaq is a car guy, you probably know that, and this isn’t even his first Hellcat. He also has, or had at one point, a Widebody Challenger Hellcat, so the man has taste. The Hell of Famer got this Charger Hellcat compliments of his friends at Swaggpack Shaq, Atlanta Street Xecs and Padgett Motor Sports.

Can Shaq fit in a Lamborghini?

The Gallardo is one of our all-time favorite cars, so we can understand why NBA star Shaquille O’Neal went so far as to have one stretched out by metal workers to accommodate his 7-foot-1-inch stature.

Does Shaq have a hellcat?

For his 50th birthday, Shaquille O’Neal got a Dodge Charger Hellcat with a Diesel Dog Mafia logo and them on it, which is an ode to his slingshot crew.

Does Shaq drive a Rolls-Royce?

Shaq knows a thing or two about the Rolls-Royce Phantom. Not only does he own one, but he also bought the ride for both LeBron James and the President of the United States. Shaq is among a long list of athletes that have purchased the Rolls Royce. Floyd Mayweather has a garage filled with the luxury car.